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Accolades for Taylors at the 2018 APSEA Awards!

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16th April

The Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and individuals and showcase the projects and performance that professionals of the surveying and spatial industries have to offer. Culminating at a national gala dinner at the Geosmart Asia – Locate18 conference, the awards this year were held in Adelaide Convention Centre.

Obtaining an award at this prestigious ceremony is a recognition of those who are industry leaders in their field and acknowledge their ongoing efforts and contributions made to the greater community.

In attendance and representing the Taylors team was Managing Director – Richard Cirillo, Infrastructure Operations Manager – Stuart Berry, and Design Survey Manager – Michael Tasker. It was a star-studded night with a high standard of competition all around and notable competitors of the private, public, research and government sectors all vying for their commendation. …

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Taylors take out top honours at National Surveying Consultancy Awards 2018

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6th April

Taylors representatives, Richard Cirillo and Leo Bateman, recently attended the National Surveying Congress for 2018 in Sydney to be a part of the National Surveying Consultancy Awards.

The awards were established by Consulting Surveyors National as a means of annually recognizing the ‘peak surveying consultancies in Australia’ and are divided into two categories – Small Consultancy (15 employees or less) and Large Consultancy (greater than 15 employees). The awards go to firms that can demonstrate a culture of excellence around business operations, community engagement, professional development and surveying excellence, which ultimately results in the highest level of service delivery.

Our “surveying excellence story” resulted in the team taking out top honours at the National Surveying Consultancy Awards (picture credit to Listech)

Taylors are proud to have been recognized for our “Solutions Outside the Square” management of all surveying services for the Australian Grand …

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‘This Girl Can’ – Getting Women Involved!

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4th April

Physical activity on a regular basis is all part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but recent statistics show that half of us aren’t getting enough exercise each week. Getting movement into your day matters, and yet Victorian women are holding back from getting involved or started in a sport for multiple reasons, such as fear of judgement or not being fit enough to start.

That’s where the ‘This Girl Can’ Initiative comes in!

Taylors own Tamara Reilly is getting active in the roller derby team featured in the ‘This Girl Can’ advertisement.

‘This Girl Can’ is here to support and celebrate Victorian women getting active in any way that best suits you, to make time for your health and find what feels right for you. Taylors is behind this movement as we recognize the many women in our workplace who are keen …

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TaylorMade for victory!

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2nd April

The annual DCE Soccer tournament kicked off on Tuesday 6th February and saw eight teams take to the field to battle it out for a chance at victory for their company. The tournament always promises fierce competition and this year is proving to be no exception.

Round One – TaylorMade vs. Fortunato FC

Led by captain, Raymond Li, ‘TaylorMade’ faced their first opponent, Fortunato F.C (representing Fortunato Group) with fresh enthusiasm and a pep in their step. This led to a significant 15 – 3 victory over Fortunato F.C and joyous first win for the TaylorMade team.

Round Two – TaylorMade vs. Cardno No No No No FC
The second round proved to be a trying night for the TaylorMade team, with only the minimum of five participants available for the night. Despite being in full work attire and sporting a first round injury, …

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UDIA Outlook 2018 – Entrepreneurship

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6th March

UDIA Outlook, Young Professionals, kicked off their networking event series with a very special Q&A evening with Broadsheet founder Nick Shelton.

Held at Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond, a team of young professionals from Taylors attended the series opening event, ‘Entrepreneurship – with Broadsheet founder Nick Shelton’.

Nick Shelton is the director and publisher of Broadsheet Media, an Australian media business with digital publications operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. An innovator and a highly active entrepreneur, Nick founded Broadsheet in 2009 and it has since become not just a household name, but the key authority and cultural guide on all the shops, bars, restaurants and events that make our cities so vibrant.

It was an excellent chance “to network with likeminded young professionals. Great choice of guest speaker, as we are in an era of start-ups and entrepreneurship, so definitely very …

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International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2018

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16th February

Labelled as a “must attend event”, the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) has started the 2018 event calendar off with a bang.
Held in Denver, Colorado just last week, Taylors Managing Director, Richard Cirillo, and General Manager of Infrastructure, Anthony Emmerson, were in attendance to hear about the latest LiDAR technology and new data techniques and technological integration.

The conference offered networking opportunities across the three days and showcased vendors and case studies from the USA while educating attendees from around the world. Aside from exhibiting the latest in airborne, terrestrial, and underwater LiDAR along with remote-sensing and data collection tools and technologies, the forum provided those in the infrastructural and geospatial market with a chance to ‘participate in conference sessions and exhibitions on worlds best practice in LiDAR technology.

“[It was a great experience] being able to talk directly with equipment manufacturers …

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Good Fences make Good Neighbours, or Do They?

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30th January

As residential living becomes smarter and more inclusive of situations including multi-generational living and communal space, is there growing potential in the Australian market for the possibility of shared backyards among residential dwellings? For generations, Australians have thrived off the idea of owning their ‘forever home’ with a spacious yard and picket fence to flag-post the boundaries of their property.

However, with the concept of shared backyards emerging around the world for varied purposes – sustainable shared food production in North America and Canada, multi-generational dwellings across Asia – has the time come for Australians to do away with the fence and embrace communal living in our own backyard?

Victorian news program, The Project, approached the issue last week by way of inviting Peter Vlitas of Avid Property Group to share his views on this “incredibly optimistic picture of suburban living.”

The topic …

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Committee Celebrations as 2017 Comes to a Close

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15th December

With the year quickly drawing to a close, it is time for people to come together and celebrate the year that was and the achievements that were accomplished in the last twelve months. Several Taylors team members have been well known figures of numerous industry committees for some time now, and as such made their appearances – with young Taylors professionals alongside who are keen to step up in 2018 – at the ALDE, YPG, and UDIA end of year celebrations.

ALDE YEiLD – 2017: A Year in Review
Taylors has members on both the ALDE and YEiLD Committee, Design Engineer Nic Green and Graduate Engineer Adit Kakkar respectively, and jointly attended to learn of how both committees would progress into the new year. “The event was held to provide members of ALDE’s YEiLD division (Young Engineers in Land Development) a chance …

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Fostering Collaboration and Creative Thinking at BuzzConf 2017

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11th December

The 2017 BuzzConf took place last weekend at Phoenix Park, Ballan and despite the unprecedented downpour, spirits remained un-dampened as new and innovative technologies were showcased to a diverse audience.

It was an opportunity ‘to introduce people to new and emerging technology and foster participation, collaboration and creative thinking’, to gain knowledge of new ways that technology is being used, and to network with others who are working on innovative ways of incorporating new and emerging technology in their industries.

“The networking aspect is definitely the biggest boon I can see from the event.” Said regular attendee, Luke Clow, Web and Graphic Designer for Taylors. “Talking about ways that others are using the tech, ways that technology is changing other industries and there are plenty that are interested in what Taylors is doing as well. I learned a lot about neural networks …

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Friendly Competition Tees Off at Corporate Golf Day

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4th December

Identified as a ‘not to be missed quality event’ on the Consulting Surveyor’s social and sporting calendar, the Consulting Surveyors Victoria (CSV) Corporate Golf Day gave Taylors representatives a wonderful opportunity to mingle with Land Use Victoria employees, industry stakeholders and sponsors.

Attendees got to re-connect with familiar faces, and meet with surveyors from fellow companies and the Land Use Victoria employees before engaging in some friendly competition. Any way you ‘slice’ it, the day allowed everyone to understand the situations that different parties are exposed to during the year and build relationships on a social level. ‘It makes working at a professional level so much easier when you actually know that the person you are dealing with at the other end is a reasonable person who is just trying to do their job.’

Richard Illingworth with his team members for the …

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