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Melbourne Water Technology Display

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29th August

Taylors was recently invited to contribute to the display at the Melbourne Water Technology exhibition which was a great success.

We showcased our Z-Boat (remote control boat) & eBee (UAV/drone), as well as a video loop displaying fly throughs of data sets prepared by Taylors inclusive of The WTP Foreshore, The Maroondah Aqueduct and The Eastern Drop Structure in addition to site photos of various other projects.

Our Project Surveyor, Daniel informed users of how the technology on display is utilised to achieve safe and efficient project outcomes on Melbourne Water projects.

There ws overwhelming interest in the technology which will be used on a number of upcoming projects that Taylors will deliver for Melbourne Water.

How Eastland got its new look

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24th June

Behind the scenes, work has been happening for the last decade to prepare for the redevelopment of Eastland Shopping Centre, including the recent $665 million refurbishment.

Years of project consulting, surveying, mapping and negotiating title considerations have been undertaken to allow asset owners, QIC, to complete the major refurbishment, which has significantly increased the range of shopping, dining and local businesses in Melbourne’s east.

Taylors Operations Manager of Urban Development Survey, Leo Bateman, said they had been working with QIC for more than 10 years on their long term vision for the shopping centre.

“When we first began working with QIC, we conducted a full survey of the shopping centre to get a solid database to work from,” said Mr Bateman.

“That data has become a foundation for all architectural design and construction that Eastland has conducted since and we essentially act as custodians …

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Smart stormwater solutions

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24th June

Our Engineers create innovative solutions for compact living and avoid disruptive excavations, by installing stormwater detention tanks in concrete slabs under homes

Sunland’s Carre Residences in Springvale is a boutique medium density townhouse development with 239 lots surrounding a central community park.

While the number of houses is extensive, there is a limited road reserve where all required facilities needed to be located. This meant Engineers at Taylors had to find a way to fit in all the stormwater infrastructure and pipes for the development, while meeting set requirements from different authorities.

Taylors Engineering and Project Management Operations Manager, John Yalden, said the Engineering team created a solution by locating the stormwater tanks in the slab beneath the houses to provide more room in the road reserve.

“Installing the stormwater storage within the slabs avoided having ugly water tanks in view and it provided …

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What it takes to build the Grand Prix

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7th March

The Grand Prix is one of only a few sporting tracks in the world that is non permanent and requires full construction. With this temporary nature, surveying services become key.

The Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year in Melbourne. Thousands of people attend the Albert Park track that, only a few months before, was a quiet parkland.

The event requires the largest temporary overlay for any annual sporting event in the world and behind the scenes, a consortium of companies work tirelessly to build the world-class race track from the ground up.

Taylors have just been awarded another four year contract for all surveying services for the track.

For the last six years, Taylors has been responsible for ensuring the position of every single piece of infrastructure is accurate ahead of the event.

This includes the setout of …

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China International Investment Fair

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23rd February

Taylors attended the Western China (Sichuan) Import Export and International Investment Fair between the 23rd and 25th of October, and was represented by Sarkis Yelandjian, Director of Business Development.

Southwest China’s Sichuan Province is trying to establish a new way to increase the region’s international trade with the theme of “Free Trade and Economic Globalization.”

The fair attracted participants from more than 30 countries and regions including the United States, France, Italy and Germany to name a few as well as many of our Asian neighbouring countries and has long been an important platform for international exchanges.

Taylors had on show our property and consulting services with a focus to building relationships with developers looking to invest and work with integrated consultancies in Australia, and build strong platforms linking China’s west with opportunities in Melbourne.

The expo allowed us to meet with the various …

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Taylors kicking goals in the DCE Soccer Tournament

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23rd February

The “Taylors Swifts” had their first match last week as part of the DCE Soccer Tournament.

A bit of a disappointment this week as we struggled to get a team together…and to get to kick off on time!

Before we kicked a ball we were already 4:0 down to the top team.

However, let’s not be disheartened by this as we managed to hold our own and defend and attack with some pride and passion, finally going down 12:2.

If it wasn’t for a useless keeper (me!) then hopefully we could have kept the score down before half time.

Moment of the match this week was Matt’s blistering run through all of the Traffix team to blast a shot in the top left corner of the net. Great work Matt!

This week’s results have been sent through and looking at the results I’m hopeful that we …

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Lardner Park Fly Through

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15th September

After hearing about the MOU entered into between ALDE and Lardner Park, Taylors saw a great opportunity to become involved and help kick start the initiative.  After all, every project or masterplanning exercise should begin with a base map of the existing assets on the site in order to empower the facilities managers, designers and decision makers of future works.

Given our expertise and innovation in data capture Taylors were very well placed to undertake this role.  We planned the survey and with the assistance of Ultimate Positioning Group (UPG) acquired a full point cloud dataset of 120 hectares utilising UAV, Mobile Laser Scanning, Terrestrial Scanning, Remote Controlled boat Sonar and conventional survey in just under 2.5 days!

Lardner Park – 3D Model Fly through Vimeo.

Taylors and the Underbank Master Plan

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20th August

A flagship project for Taylors, Underbank Master Plan is based on traditional neighbourhood design principles, the same principles evident in Bacchus Marsh and Australia’s most loved historic towns, villages, neighbourhoods. These are principles which support the pedestrian, public transport, increase housing choice, provide a mix of uses and respond to the natural features of a site.

Taylors Brand New Fleet Arrives

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19th August

We’ve just added 6 new Hilux to the Taylors fleet across our survey and engineering teams. Now more than ever you will see our famous ‘red cube’ vehicles throughout Melbourne metro area and surrounds. We are excited to be continuing our growth strategies and delivering on fast, mobile services to our clients.


Taylors Purchase Second Survey Drone, Flying Projects on a Weekly Basis

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19th December

As an early adapter of spatial technologies, Taylors has recently purchased a second survey drone and we are now flying projects on a weekly basis.  The technology is enabling us to provide some really innovative solutions to a broad range of clients across the Urban Development and Infrastructure markets.

Our operators are CASA Certified and we have a full suite of safety, privacy and quality procedures in place.