100 Women in Property

Posted on September 26th, by Taylors in Events, News, Our people.

On Thursday 14th September, the Property Council of Australia held a media workshop targeted at their 100 Women in Property (100WIP) program participants. Led by Melanie Slade – of Channel Nine fame – the workshop was one of a number of professional development opportunities for the 100WIP group to focus in on tools and methodology on how best to present themselves and communicate to a particular audience. There were five Taylors participants at the event consisting of 14 participants, and it was ‘a sharing, open, safe, and friendly environment which encouraged input from all.’

“We were sitting alongside similar women who are passionate about what they do and want to ensure they represent themselves and their companies to the best of their abilities.”

Topics addressed in the event included the current media landscape, the different types of mediums for media – print, radio, television and online – what constitutes news or is deemed newsworthy and how to convey key messaging, and asked participants to consider how they would work with the media in getting their message across. Despite focusing in on communications in the media spectrum, the learnings could be applied across a range of different forums i.e. interviewing and general communications via different mediums.

The event noted that every communications strategy begins with two crucial questions; WHO do you want to talk to? And WHAT do you want to tell them? By understanding the target audience, tailoring a message would become easier. Landscape Architecture Manager, Amy Davidson explained that “this was a great event to learn more about what media is and how you can make it work to your advantage. I also learnt presentation skills and how to build confidence when conveying a message. I felt really inspired at the end of the workshop.”

The content of the event was reportedly ‘well structured’ and ‘easy to follow’ and gave participants the opportunity to be a part of an intimate, friendly and supportive group with common goals, a sense of humour and a desire to improve professional communication skills. Also in attendance to view how the group was progressing, was recently appointed Victorian Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia, Sally Capp who observed the ‘comfortable environment’ of the ‘practical workshop’.

“[The event] concluded with us role playing as the subject of a television interview on a topical industry development which had strong opposing views.” General Manager of People, Culture and Brand, Andrea Crane explained the main practical element of the afternoon. “There were plenty of nerves but lots of laughs and we produced, I think, some quality performances. Learning to be comfortable in your own skin, good planning and preparation technique, knowing your audience, and developing a confident and direct speaking manner were lessons from this experience.”

Despite being thrown into a ‘pressure cooker situation’, the Taylors attendees were guided through how to think on their feet and get their message across in a tight timeframe.
“I went into the session thinking that it was going to be a seminar forum, however I enjoyed the structure, the small group of participants, the role playing and the case study” stated Talent Acquisition Coordinator Zoe Cox. “The main take away for me was to think about who my audience is and what are the key messages that I want to convey.”

The Taylors representatives are all looking forward to the next 100 Women in Property event.