How Eastland got its new look

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24th June

Behind the scenes, work has been happening for the last decade to prepare for the redevelopment of Eastland Shopping Centre, including the recent $665 million refurbishment.

Years of project consulting, surveying, mapping and negotiating title considerations have been undertaken to allow asset owners, QIC, to complete the major refurbishment, which has significantly increased the range of shopping, dining and local businesses in Melbourne’s east.

Taylors Operations Manager of Urban Development Survey, Leo Bateman, said they had been working with QIC for more than 10 years on their long term vision for the shopping centre.

“When we first began working with QIC, we conducted a full survey of the shopping centre to get a solid database to work from,” said Mr Bateman.

“That data has become a foundation for all architectural design and construction that Eastland has conducted since and we essentially act as custodians …

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Smart stormwater solutions

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24th June

Our Engineers create innovative solutions for compact living and avoid disruptive excavations, by installing stormwater detention tanks in concrete slabs under homes

Sunland’s Carre Residences in Springvale is a boutique medium density townhouse development with 239 lots surrounding a central community park.

While the number of houses is extensive, there is a limited road reserve where all required facilities needed to be located. This meant Engineers at Taylors had to find a way to fit in all the stormwater infrastructure and pipes for the development, while meeting set requirements from different authorities.

Taylors Engineering and Project Management Operations Manager, John Yalden, said the Engineering team created a solution by locating the stormwater tanks in the slab beneath the houses to provide more room in the road reserve.

“Installing the stormwater storage within the slabs avoided having ugly water tanks in view and it provided …

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