Virtual and Augmented Reality Arrives at Taylors

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15th December

Taylors is excited to launch our new suite of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools.

These Visualisation tools will support our broad range of services from Construction Survey, Engineering, Project Management, Infrastructure Survey, Urban Design, Planning and Architecture.

As well as offering our clients the ability to visualise their data in a more intuitive way, it enables them to provide accurate, up-to-date visuals and immersive experiences to their customers.

The Taylors Visualisation Suite includes VR / AR experiences ranging from the use of accessible technology such as the Google Cardboard to full, immersive experiences using the HTC Vive or the very exciting Hologram Room and Hololens.

Please talk to us anytime to find out more about how the Taylors Visualisation Suite can help your business, and make sure you visit us again soon to see examples of our work using the new tools as they come online in …

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Australian engineers supporting Fiji rebuild

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12th December

The village of Koroipita in north-west Fiji emerged from Cyclone Winston unscathed due to its advanced design and engineering. Now, the village is expanding and aims to provide a design model to be replicated over Fiji and the Pacific.

Fiji is only just beginning to rebuild after the devastation of Category 5 Cyclone Winston in February 2016, with many houses remaining unoccupied and public buildings still without roofs, particularly along the country’s north coast.

The village of Koroipita managed to withstand the impacts of the cyclone due to the design and construction of its houses, which were designed by Australian engineers John Yalden and Monica George, as part of a project created by Peter Drysdale.

Investors, NZaid, now aim to use this innovation in other parts of the country to protect against future events.

Surveyors and engineers at Taylors have recently returned from Fiji …

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Sydney Road Coburg

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12th December

Taylors have provided integral consultancy services for this landmark development.
“Taylors designed the proposed development, with a net saleable area of 11,843 square metres over five levels” – The Urban Developer