100 Women in Property

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26th September

On Thursday 14th September, the Property Council of Australia held a media workshop targeted at their 100 Women in Property (100WIP) program participants. Led by Melanie Slade – of Channel Nine fame – the workshop was one of a number of professional development opportunities for the 100WIP group to focus in on tools and methodology on how best to present themselves and communicate to a particular audience. There were five Taylors participants at the event consisting of 14 participants, and it was ‘a sharing, open, safe, and friendly environment which encouraged input from all.’

“We were sitting alongside similar women who are passionate about what they do and want to ensure they represent themselves and their companies to the best of their abilities.”

Topics addressed in the event included the current media landscape, the different types of mediums for media – print, …

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Consulting Surveyors Victoria (CSV) General Meeting

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25th September

The Consulting Surveyors Victoria (CSV) recently held their Annual General Meeting and Dinner at the Mantra Bell City and several Taylors employees were invited to attend the evening. Described as, ‘a good social evening with other survey professionals who are competitors by day but also come together for the good of the profession’, the night celebrated the top three CSV highlights of the year, recognised successes and looked ahead to opportunities in the coming year.

The night addressed issues relating to the ongoing management of the ASCV which is dedicated to the continued development of a prosperous private sector of the surveying industry, while also acknowledging long standing members of the surveying community and even discussing Australian History. As the current Taylors representative on the ASCV Board, Leo Bateman gave a presentation on his portfolio which celebrated the successes of the …

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Association of Land Development Engineers (ALDE) General Meeting

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21st September

Taylors was invited to speak at the most recent Association of Land Development Engineers (ALDE) General Meeting held at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. Alongside long-standing committee member John Yalden, both Alastair MacColl and Vaman Purohit were in attendance to speak about technological innovations which could greatly benefit the land development industry.

The presentation highlighted techniques and concepts that may not have been familiar to all attendees, and provided an overview of the current scanning techniques that Taylors utilises – including LIDAR, terrestrial laser scanning and UAV mapping. Following the introduction, the focus moved to how “technology is available to do things differently and one must adapt and embrace it” and noted that there had been “advances in technology since the last presentation.” The advances included drone technology and the potential of augmented reality.

The benefits of drone technology for the purposes …

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Communication in the Workplace: RMIT Student Presentation

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15th September

Eager RMIT final year graduates were given the opportunity to hear from Taylors’ representatives Leo Bateman and Michael Sretenovich just last week about the topic of effective communication in the workplace.

“Communication is key – it’s a saying heard often but open to interpretation across the board.” The opening words from Leo set the tone for the afternoon, with students keen to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of what environment might be waiting for them in the professional field. There were no incorrect questions, and it was inspiring to see the future leaders of the industry ambitiously enquiring about the correct way to approach a tricky client, how to word an email to their fellow colleagues – what defines an acceptable workplace nickname? – and how to ensure that their voice could be heard among a crowd of talented …

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It’s time to reclaim some balance

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5th September

In recent times, everyone I’ve spoken to in the development industry is crazy busy. In this hectic climate where clients’ expectations of consultants are at an all-time high, it is easy to fall into the trap of spending long hours at work, skipping meals, neglecting family and most of all putting yourself last. This is particularly relevant to our industry and I believe that all survey professionals need to take some time to ponder why they work in this field, what makes them passionate about their profession, are they working in a supportive working environment, why are they in a relationship/a parent and what makes them happy. Why, you might ask? For perspective!

It is one thing to be a great surveyor and top consultant but if that means it is at the cost of your relationships and health then something …

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Taylors apply 3D Reality Modelling as evidence in successful VCAT case

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5th September

Taylors have applied 3D reality modelling created from drone data as evidence at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to prove the viability of a proposed residential extension, with the client winning the case.

Taylors, on behalf of their client, provided expert evidence in a VCAT hearing in relation to a building extension. Using cutting-edge drone technology, Taylors was able to create an accurate 3D representation of how the extension would look once completed, proving that it is consistent with the character of the area and that there would be no negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Taylors Urban Development Planning Manager Matthew Law, who presented the case to VCAT, said the reality models were a step above anything VCAT had seen in a case like this, as previously only 2D photo montages had been used as evidence.

“Previously you would only …

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