A Magical Experience Rewarding Longstanding Individuals

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30th November

‘What happens in Pin Club, stays in Pin Club.’
It’s mentioned around the workplace, but what really is this Pin Club that excites and entices our employees? It’s a little bit tongue in cheek, it’s a bit of fun, and it’s a bit of a secret, but the main idea behind it is to “do something a bit different and special for a group of people to celebrate their longevity and to also thank them.”

“Pin Club evolved a few years ago and we now have 17 Pin Club members and we’re pretty excited about that in this day and age to have so many people who have been with the business for 10 or 15 years, and we’ve got a couple approaching the 20-year mark.” Says People, Culture and Brand General Manager (and Pin Club member) Andrea Crane. “It’s a pretty …

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Encouraging Creative Thinking at the C.I Conference 2017

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24th November

One of the more unique events of the corporate calendar recently took place in Melbourne; the Creative Innovation Asia Pacific Conference for 2017 was attended by Taylors Virtual Reality and Application Development Manager, Derek Van Tonder.

The conference was comprehensive, with many high-level industry executives attending dynamic workshops and being drawn in by unique technology. “The audience was very targeted for our business,” says Mr Van Tonder. “Our [virtual reality] demonstration was extremely popular and well-received because it is extremely simple. [Our] demo was a high-quality architectural scene with physically-based lighting combined with a physics demo where you could pick up objects in VR, throw around, stack the blocks and more.”

‘Derek Van Tonder demonstrates the capabilities of Taylors virtual reality technology.’

The main takeaway from this event was clear; clients and industry leaders alike have their sights set on accessible and effective …

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Innovation and Technology in the Development Industry

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15th November

As seen in the VPELA Revue Magazine, Taylors own Matthew Law recaps the mid-year VPELA Seminar and the Reality Modelling capabilities demonstrated there.

VPELA YPG held a seminar mid-year on innovation and technology in the development industry, at the Foys Arcade in Melbourne CBD. Despite the cold weather, it was one of the largest YPG events for the year, attracting a crowd from a range of disciplines to hear about the latest in our industry and where to next.

Taylors led the presentation, which included a look into 3D reality modelling, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing and laser scanning. We were treated to an interactive session where people were able to step into the virtual world to view a range of developments and projects and, for the creative people in the room, a quick lesson in 3D painting in virtual reality …

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Developing Greater Melbourne

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15th November

The Developing Greater Melbourne conference, hosted by AventEdge, recently took place in Melbourne with the purpose of bringing together government and industry leaders to identify and harness infrastructure, property, urban development and investment opportunities in Greater Melbourne.

Taylors Urban Design Manager, Andrew Tamme, represented the company at this in-depth networking experience and gained insight into the issues that are most currently pressing in Melbourne development. “A successful development industry requires a considered and balanced approach to assist in rectifying current social issues, not making them worse.” Mr Tamme explained.

With notable guest speakers and panels offering an array of opinions on current issues, the most pressing topics included not for profit social housing, aged care, government (local, VPA, regional), economics (banking sector) and sustainability and innovation in technology sectors. With urban development across Melbourne and its regional cities forecasted to remain strong …

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Thoughts on People Management

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9th November

The below article was written by Taylors General Manager of Urban Development Survey, and Consulting Surveyors of Victoria Committee Member, Leo Bateman, for the October issue of Consulting Surveyors Victoria magazine.

In choosing a subject to write about, my first thought was to write about the possible changes to the Owners Corporation Act 2006, as an addendum to the CSV May Seminar panel discussion, of which I was part of.  There was more to discuss but unfortunately we ran out of time.  My second idea was to write about applications of 3D Building Envelopes (BE’s) and Design Guide Lines (DGL’s) in greenfield projects.  Surveyors have been creating Restrictions on greenfield Plans of Subdivisions incorporating BE’s and DGL’s for years.  We have now discovered that one of the Growth Area Municipalities (Whittlesea) no longer accepts them.  I’m not going into the reasons …

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Sounds of Silence

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8th November

One of Taylors registered architects, William Mahaputra, had the opportunity to attend the insightful Sounds of Silence seminar just last week. Organised by Mecca Events, the main focus of the seminar was around sound and noise, and their impact on our lives and how to manage it. It was an educational night that gave Taylors – and other attendees – the insight to consider the impact of sound as a forethought rather than an afterthought.

“Sound and acoustic management are often an afterthought when it comes to designing a public space, building or an interior space. [This seminar demonstrated] how we as urban designers, architects, landscape architects and planners, can be more aware of sound and noise and apply some noise management systems into our design and work so that it can actually increase the quality of life of the users.”

Acoustic …

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Focus On: Mesh Modelling with Marshall Richards

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1st November

My name is Marshall Richards, I’m a project surveyor at Taylors and I really enjoy doing basically any sort of representation of the real world in three dimensions, particularly the natural world, and the non-built world where there’s no sort of straight lines. So I have slotted into the 3D modelling and BIM team here.

What is mesh modelling?
Mesh models are one way to represent the natural surfaces, or really any surface. It’s a bunch of complex triangles which are quite an old way to represent the way the terrain changes but with modern methods those triangles can recalculate as you zoom in and define very complex surfaces very well. Essentially with triangles you can represent any three-dimensional shape. Point clouds are another way and mesh models can be made from point clouds.

How can this technology be applied to land development projects …

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BIM: The next big thing in urban development

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1st November

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a 3D model-based process that helps create a database of everything in a construction project, allowing for more informed decision making and the reduction of errors. This saves significant time and money, and is one of the reasons BIM is becoming the next big technology for the construction and urban development industries.

BIM is a process that creates and manages all the data involved in a project, and can involve generating digital representations of a project’s components.

In its 15-year plan, released in 2016, Infrastructure Australia urged the sector to capitalise on technologies such as BIM to improve the planning, delivery and maintenance of infrastructure.

The plan stated, “Governments should make the use of Building Information Modelling – which enables the generation of three-dimensional models of buildings, infrastructure and places – mandatory for the design and delivery of …

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