Australian Grand Prix gets young minds racing

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28th March

The Grand Prix roared back into Melbourne this March, bigger and better than before with a newly updated Innovation and Technology Hub open for the whole weekend to delight and intrigue race-goers of all ages. Taylors returned once again to the Hub with the intent to challenge the minds of the younger generations and encourage them to interact with a world beyond the physical through virtual reality, 3D scanning, photogrammetry and 3D printing.

As a cutting-edge company leader in the field of virtual reality, Taylors have been working with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation since 2011 to deliver virtual models of the Grand Prix circuit and helping the organisation to make quick decisions around event layout based on the models that are created. In this, their eighth year of collaboration, Taylors presence at the race was in a teaching and development …

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Taylors Swifts take on strong competition

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18th March

The DCE Soccer Tournament returned for its 11th year this February; an annual indoor soccer tournament run to support the Property Industry Foundation and made up of ten teams from metropolitan Melbourne land development consultancies. The competition was set to be fierce with strong teams from previous years returning to get active, network with others and most importantly, raise funds.

The Taylors Swifts returned with fresh new faces and a fierce new game plan, with their eyes on the prize and their hearts in the game. The 2019 squad was made up of:
– Enes Bolat
– Will Brown
– Ryland Cranwell
– Mark Grey
– Michael Korfiatis
– Matthew Law
– Raymond Li
– Leonardo Mai
– Harry Nguyen
– Alex Philalay
– Michael Ruhsam

2019 Taylors Swift squad: Top Row (L-R): Ryland, Leonardo, Matthew, Mark, EnesBottom Row (L-R): Harry, William, Michael, AlexNot pictured: Michael R

The tournament took place over …

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