A Magical Experience Rewarding Longstanding Individuals

Posted on November 30th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, News, Our people.

‘What happens in Pin Club, stays in Pin Club.’
It’s mentioned around the workplace, but what really is this Pin Club that excites and entices our employees? It’s a little bit tongue in cheek, it’s a bit of fun, and it’s a bit of a secret, but the main idea behind it is to “do something a bit different and special for a group of people to celebrate their longevity and to also thank them.”

“Pin Club evolved a few years ago and we now have 17 Pin Club members and we’re pretty excited about that in this day and age to have so many people who have been with the business for 10 or 15 years, and we’ve got a couple approaching the 20-year mark.” Says People, Culture and Brand General Manager (and Pin Club member) Andrea Crane. “It’s a pretty amazing achievement, so we’re pretty proud of that and we think that says something about the kind of workplace we are and the culture we offer that people want to stick around.”

As a company built upon establishing strong relationships, it was clear that those who had dedicated a significant portion of their time to their industry deserved more than a regular thank you, but how were we to express our gratitude for their service? “When the Pin Club was formed we weren’t quite sure what that was going to be, but we just knew we wanted to do something special and we organised the event the first year with the full day out and everyone loved it so that became what we did.’ ‘The one thing that we really noticed is, you just look around at our group [and] seeing [them] look so happy and relaxed [provides] an opportunity to connect with one another outside of the day to day pressure of work. It helps you connect with others around the office in a completely different way or connect with people you might ordinarily not have.’

‘If you had the time through the working week, you’d love to hear everyone’s story, because you get to know what motivates people, what’s important to them, what their value set is, and that helps you engage with them better in the workplace too. But you don’t always have time, so just being able to take that day and get us all together and say, “hey we’re pretty special, we’ve all been at Taylors for 10 years or longer, we’ve been through some ups and downs and we have that common experience”, but we’re also there for lots of different reasons and when you hear someone else’s story it’s quite interesting.’ The Pin Club provides the opportunity for those involved to break away from the daily project space and to interact with one another socially and share something quite special in common; to leave the worries of the office behind and delight in activities that they wouldn’t necessarily ordinarily do.

This years’ event was a ‘magical’ day, with a decadent luncheon and quite interesting activities to follow, but very little has since been shared with others around the business.

“It’s not necessarily to hide it from everyone you know, but there’s a little bit of ‘hey when you’re in the club, you’ll know what all the fuss is about!’ It’s a thank you. It’s an effort by the business to make sure that it’s a really enjoyable day and something a bit special and a bit different for our people.”