Recent History

In early 2001 Nick Hooper, Sarkis Yelandjian and Creighton Parker became the third generation of Taylors Directors, all of whom had been working within the business for approximately 2 years and who injected new energy to the start of a new era for the business. This new energy sparked growth in the Land Surveying and Town Planning ranks to about 20 employees. The Directors renamed the business Taylors Development Strategists which demonstrated their desire to be different from their competitors, and changed the emphasis from Land Surveying and Town Planning to focus on development solutions and this became the foundation philosophy for this third generation.

Richard Cirillo joined the business in 2002 and became a Director in 2005. During the next few years the Directors worked on developing business systems and governance, formed a Board, recruited senior management and took gradual but progressive steps towards refining their services towards a market focused business structure.

By 2007 we had grown to 70 team members and had developed well-established Urban Design and Building Design services and had also matured a strong internal corporate team. At this point the structure was in place, the systems were being developed and the Board had unified behind an internally appointed CEO in 2008 in Richard Cirillo.

The next years saw the evolution and definition of the Built Environments business comprising of a specialist town planning unit, building design and design guidelines creation and assessment. The overall business continued to grow and a further diversified business of surveying services focusing on the Infrastructure market was created and quickly found success in a new and diverse market sector.

Between 2010 and 2012, Taylors began exploring opportunities for its services in South East Asia and we successfully completed Urban Design and Surveying projects in Vietnam. This frontier continues to beckon as we strive to build relationships with our neighbours and our future.

In 2011 Taylors acquired the Little and Brosnan business, which also had a proud history and tradition of Land Surveying in Melbourne over 80 years. This acquisition meant that we now had one of the biggest Licensed Surveyor teams in Victoria.

In 2012 the Board had matured and appointed its first Associate Director, Andrea Crane, and during this year the business began to operate each of the Built Environments and Infrastructure businesses under individual operational management. Further significant growth directions were commenced, being the opening of a Taylors office in Brisbane for our Urban Development services, and the establishment of our Civil Engineering and Project Management business through the acquisition and merger of Taylors with Don Stizza and Associates and Astutus.

In 2013 Taylors could boast a team of almost 100 employees and we proudly celebrated 50 years in the business. Building on this local success, our recent efforts in the south east Asia region led to Taylors opening our first international office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our international work has expanded to include the recent opening of an office in Christchurch, New Zealand where we are part of the post earthquake community rebuild.

We continue to recruit and grow our numbers and to diversify our services and we look forward to another exciting year ahead.

Our Vision & Values