Augmented Architecture on show at AIS Equinox

Posted on October 24th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, Infrastructure, Melbourne, Our people, Services.

The 2018 AIS Equinox Exhibitions continued their 2018 run visiting the arts and culture capital of Melbourne earlier this month, and Taylors are proud to have once again been exhibiting the latest technology developments and their benefits to the architecture space.

Designed to connect architects, interior designers and design specifiers in a boutique environment, AIS Equinox offers a relaxed networking night different from larger tradeshows or exhibitions. Taking centre stage in this intimate setting, was the Taylors booth, with VR and new augmented reality developments on show for an enthused audience.

The Taylors stand took centre stage in the Royal Exhibition Building.

The night was well attended, by industry leaders and young professionals keen to know what was new in the technology space with the lure of interactivity drawing many to the Taylors booth. With several talented Taylors team members on hand scattered amongst the audience, knowledge sharing opportunities were endless.

“Discussing the technology with various architects and interested parties assisted in understanding the technology better – teaching is the best way to understand something.” Stated Urban Development Planning Manager, Matthew Law. “The range of questions from the architects also challenged my knowledge and ultimately through gaining the answer improved my understanding.” Where many came for the technology, most stayed for the insight, gaining an understanding of the process behind Taylors progression and innovative techniques. For those wanting further explanations, the Education Hub’s were an opportunity to sit down and here from the experts. Familiar with the Education Hub audience, Taylors Geospatial 3D and Technology Manager, Alastair MacColl, presented in this year’s Industry Insight session.

Industry leaders and young professionals alike tuned into Taylors Industry Insight.

The Industry Insight focused on the progression of reality capture and it’s benefits for an efficient and accurate workflow. “This was a clear and relevant presentation about Taylors’ expertise in capture and use of fast scanned “point clouds” and innovative meshed drone photography for “reality modelling” of the built environment.” Taylors General Manager of Urban Development Survey and Subdivision, Leo Bateman, commented.

“It was a great demonstration by a new era surveying professional of real-world applications of these innovative technologies – sharp and pointed. The emphasis was on the expertise of a surveyor’s skill set in managing the process and delivering success to projects. The clear takeaway was that it’s got so much potential when delivered by the right people and will add so much value to the architectural / design community.”

No shortage of Virtual Reality opportunities at the Taylors stand.

Back at the Taylors exhibit, demonstrations of our virtual reality work in the infamous Bourke Street, and New Zealand’s Lake Wakatipu were popular among attendees as they realised the capabilities of the application of this technology. Further demonstrations showed the possibility of augmented reality in planning and design with many amazed by architecture plans being able to – literally – jump off the page at them.

“Equinox was a great opportunity to share our advancements in reality capture and visualisation with the industry.” Shared Web and Graphic Designer, Luke Clow. “It was a great combination of clients who’ve used Taylors for exactly that, some that have used other Taylors services and some who haven’t yet partnered with us.”

“One of the repeated messages we were getting from architects that we were speaking with was that they are still finding it hard to decide what capture or 3D technologies are suitable for their purposes. Demonstrating the various uses of our technology was not without challenge with the large number of people coming through the event, but it was key to showing the results of different capture methodologies behind the real-world use cases that we have been exploring with our clients and partners.”

“Equinox was a great opportunity to share our advancements in reality capture and visualisation with the industry.”

“A recurring theme throughout the evening was the technological developments in data capture and representation.” Commented Project Surveyor, Alvin Tian. “Alastair’s talk provided an insight to new and detailed methods of data capture such as utilizing laser scanning and drone techniques. This was coupled with the data presentations back at the booth of Augmented and Virtual Reality which allowed the end user to perceive the information in a more efficient manner.”

“While I’ve had some experience with this technology, it was a handy refresher plus I learnt a number of new things through the presentation from Alastair which was highly engaging and very well presented.” Matthew Law mentioned. “A refocus on this technology and a reminder to keep pushing this new area of the business is beneficial and exciting.”

The 2018 Equinox was a success for the Melbourne crowd.

“We are ahead of the game and while others will catch on, we have a well-established experience in this area coupled with our expertise through our licenced surveyors to provide the most accurate and highest quality output.”