Augmented Reality

Bringing real world objects to life with rich media experiences

Whether it’s a life size model of a development, seeing plans come to life in 3D off a drawing or watching design changes in real time – they make it much easier for everyone to understand.

Taylors Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions help our team and our clients get connected to the spaces we’re working in and on.

While often not as immersive as a Virtual Reality experience, we’ve found that more and more people find it intuitive to navigate and get eh information that’s relevant to them from our Augmented Reality experiences. Usually from the same phone or tablet that they use daily. It offers full 3D renders from any angle or rich, media driven experiences of streamed video or data visualisation, even linking to live data.

With 95% of adults owning a mobile phone, and 77% of those are Smartphones, AR truly is an accessible technology.

By tying our class-leading Reality Capture methodology with accessible an Augmented Reality platform, we are able to make data rich experiences and memorable experiences available to clients, customers, stakeholders and communities at little to no cost to the end user.

If you’d like to explore some of Taylors Augmented Reality experiences, simply download the app from your app store and use it to view the images below.