Australian Grand Prix gets young minds racing

Posted on March 28th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, Melbourne, News, Our people, Projects.

The Grand Prix roared back into Melbourne this March, bigger and better than before with a newly updated Innovation and Technology Hub open for the whole weekend to delight and intrigue race-goers of all ages. Taylors returned once again to the Hub with the intent to challenge the minds of the younger generations and encourage them to interact with a world beyond the physical through virtual reality, 3D scanning, photogrammetry and 3D printing.

As a cutting-edge company leader in the field of virtual reality, Taylors have been working with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation since 2011 to deliver virtual models of the Grand Prix circuit and helping the organisation to make quick decisions around event layout based on the models that are created. In this, their eighth year of collaboration, Taylors presence at the race was in a teaching and development capacity providing a great platform for primary and secondary schools in attendance to gain some insight into laser scanning technology, VR and 3D printing, and engaging their interests in STEM.

One of the most recent additions to the Taylors team, Landscape Architect, Christina Chu, was impressed by how quickly the children adapted to the technology on display. “Many kids showed their advanced knowledge of the technology – more than you expected. Especially with the VR experience, they were talking about the difference between VR glasses and I actually learnt from them as well.’
‘The experience of introducing the programs to visitors helped with building better understanding of the different services we are providing to help shape our cities. To me, as a new member, this event gave me the chance to explore what other departments are doing.”

A rotating team of Taylors experts made the Grand Prix weekend a great opportunity for networking.

Individuals from various Taylors teams came together to bring their own expertise to the Hub and to also challenge themselves and broaden their knowledge of what they are exposed to each day. “Working with a vibrant different Taylors team than what I would normally work with was a different environment and a good way to interact with different parts of the business as we all aim for the same goal.” Remarked Asset Recording Coordinator, John Watkins.

‘The aim of our booth within the precinct was to promote the spatial technology in various capacities that is utilised at Taylors throughout our day to day works and how this interacts with STEM learning and development and all possible applications in and around school group environments. We were hoping to make a connection with interested students and school groups who may wish to take on the Taylors VR application experience as part of their school curriculum and further education, and so hopefully consider this as a potential career path in the future.’

Girl in virtual reality headset

“Many kids showed their advanced knowledge of the technology – more than you expected.”

“STEM programs for schools provide a great opportunity for the future,” Architectural Draftsperson, Luis Hernandez shared. “Anyone can start his or her own path in this field and work with us, now or in the future. Not many people imagine that we use this technology for design construction and developments.”

‘I noticed that every group of people was attracted to different areas of the exhibit. At the beginning everybody was attracted to the VR, 3D point-clouds shown on the screens and the 3D printing, but after we explained to them how the whole technology works, people were more interested in the applications and the versatility of the technology. Some of them asked me the studies required to work in a company like Taylors, and others were interested in drafting and in Architecture after I told them that I was educated as an architect and was now using this technology in the construction field.’

‘Although kids are familiar with virtual gaming platforms and VR glasses, they were amazed by the laser scanning. The idea of being able to scan pretty much anything and transform it into physical models was an impressive idea made simple for them.”

Primary school kids, laser scanning, STEM learning

“The idea of being able to scan pretty much anything and transform it into physical models was an impressive idea made simple for them.”

Aside from broadening the creative minds and career potentials of young attendees, the Taylors team were also exposed to new learning and networking opportunities as a diverse crowd filtered through the Innovation Hub, and teammates shared innovative developments from within their own departments.

“It was interesting for me to see all the technologies we were able to produce at Taylors,” Commented Junior Draftsperson, Enes Bolat. “I was shown some interesting applications in our free time on Sunday. I admire how we connect all the technologies we presented and can offer them as a deliverable product efficiently to clients and to the public. I had a chance to look at other exhibitors as well, finding a few products that were interesting to me, and I had the opportunity to network with two architects from Perth who were mainly interested in our interior scanning technologies. It was amazing to be part of such an event that accommodates for some of the biggest research and development companies from around the world.”

“I really enjoyed working as a part of a team to promote Taylors technology and networking with people from different age groups and backgrounds.” Shared Student Engineer, Wayne Goh. “Demonstrating our reality capture and 3D modelling technology to different audiences like other industry professionals, corporate employees, tourists, teenagers and children provided a great platform to engage the kids interests in STEM and help them to discover innovative technologies and the latest trends.”

Grand Prix race-goers, school children, Virtual Reality, 3D Scanning

‘I noticed that every group of people was attracted to different areas of the exhibit.”

Taylors are set to continue their work with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation in whatever capacity the industry continues to move in, and we’re keen to keep inspiring the young minds of tomorrow.
To read more about our Grand Prix experience click here, and to enquire about whether our technological capabilities are suited to your next project please contact us to know more.