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Australian Grand Prix gets young minds racing

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28th March

The Grand Prix roared back into Melbourne this March, bigger and better than before with a newly updated Innovation and Technology Hub open for the whole weekend to delight and intrigue race-goers of all ages. Taylors returned once again to the Hub with the intent to challenge the minds of the younger generations and encourage them to interact with a world beyond the physical through virtual reality, 3D scanning, photogrammetry and 3D printing.

As a cutting-edge company leader in the field of virtual reality, Taylors have been working with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation since 2011 to deliver virtual models of the Grand Prix circuit and helping the organisation to make quick decisions around event layout based on the models that are created. In this, their eighth year of collaboration, Taylors presence at the race was in a teaching and development …

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Industry relationships in the spotlight at UDIA Awards for Excellence

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17th December

The UDIA Awards for Excellence is a prestigious event on the land development calendar that aims to showcase the finest work of the property industry and encourage the public to learn more about ground-breaking projects underway across the state. This year’s awards were a particularly exciting time for the Taylors team after being shortlisted for the Consultants Excellence Award and seeing several esteemed clients also up for awards.

Now in its 23rd year, the Victorian UDIA Awards for Excellence continues to showcase the urban development industry’s finest work.

Through hard work and perseverance, the whole Taylors team contributed to a challenging project worthy of public note. The Shelton Park (Waterways) Development is a testament to Taylors values of strong client relationships and solutions and has been under development since 2005. Working with Monomeath Developments, Taylors have provided services including – …

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Taylors and Habitat for Humanity – An International Working Relationship

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3rd September

Beginning as a grassroots effort in Georgia, United States in 1976, Habitat for Humanity is an international not-for-profit housing organisation who provide financial support and volunteer to support affordable housing movements around the world. Taylors are proud to be working alongside such a supportive and thoughtful movement through our Jakarta representative, Thomas Smid.

The relationship between Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and Taylors was established after having contact at a networking event with the Indonesian Australian Business Council. A follow up meeting with the non-profit organisation saw an agreement made to provide them with Taylors services as a gift in the form of the 3D Virtual Tours and models.

The housing situation in the Indonesian community before demolish and rebuild by Habitat

The job at hand entailed using matterport to create virtual tours of individual dwellings due to be upgraded by the …

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Focus On: Mesh Modelling with Marshall Richards

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1st November

My name is Marshall Richards, I’m a project surveyor at Taylors and I really enjoy doing basically any sort of representation of the real world in three dimensions, particularly the natural world, and the non-built world where there’s no sort of straight lines. So I have slotted into the 3D modelling and BIM team here.

What is mesh modelling?
Mesh models are one way to represent the natural surfaces, or really any surface. It’s a bunch of complex triangles which are quite an old way to represent the way the terrain changes but with modern methods those triangles can recalculate as you zoom in and define very complex surfaces very well. Essentially with triangles you can represent any three-dimensional shape. Point clouds are another way and mesh models can be made from point clouds.

How can this technology be applied to land development projects …

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BIM: The next big thing in urban development

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1st November

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a 3D model-based process that helps create a database of everything in a construction project, allowing for more informed decision making and the reduction of errors. This saves significant time and money, and is one of the reasons BIM is becoming the next big technology for the construction and urban development industries.

BIM is a process that creates and manages all the data involved in a project, and can involve generating digital representations of a project’s components.

In its 15-year plan, released in 2016, Infrastructure Australia urged the sector to capitalise on technologies such as BIM to improve the planning, delivery and maintenance of infrastructure.

The plan stated, “Governments should make the use of Building Information Modelling – which enables the generation of three-dimensional models of buildings, infrastructure and places – mandatory for the design and delivery of …

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M-City: Melbourne’s newest and largest mixed-use development

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16th October

M-City is set to be Melbourne’s largest mixed-use development outside of the CBD. Located in Clayton the 35,000m² community will include 600 + apartments, a hotel, office complex, and an extensive shopping and dining precinct. Here’s how it’s progressing so far.

Located just 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, the Monash region is experiencing strong capital growth. It is consistently outperforming metropolitan Melbourne in real estate market growth, demonstrated by a 19 percent median house price growth in 12 months.

These conditions make it the perfect location for the new M-City development, a major mixed-use complex that is set to be released to tender shortly.

Taylors was awarded the survey and subdivision services for the development, but has actually been involved with the project for the last ten years. Taylors’ General Manager – Urban Development Survey, Leo Bateman, said “We’ve completed boundary marking and …

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Taylors apply 3D Reality Modelling as evidence in successful VCAT case

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5th September

Taylors have applied 3D reality modelling created from drone data as evidence at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to prove the viability of a proposed residential extension, with the client winning the case.

Taylors, on behalf of their client, provided expert evidence in a VCAT hearing in relation to a building extension. Using cutting-edge drone technology, Taylors was able to create an accurate 3D representation of how the extension would look once completed, proving that it is consistent with the character of the area and that there would be no negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Taylors Urban Development Planning Manager Matthew Law, who presented the case to VCAT, said the reality models were a step above anything VCAT had seen in a case like this, as previously only 2D photo montages had been used as evidence.

“Previously you would only …

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Underbank: concept to construction

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29th August

As construction begins at Underbank, a major greenfields development in Bacchus Marsh, we look back at some of the planning challenges that have been overcome.

In 2011, Taylors submitted an application to Moorabool Shire Council, on behalf of Kataland, to rezone the historic Underbank Stud Farm in Bacchus Marsh to make way for an innovative housing development.

Now in mid-2016, more than four years later, the residential development will begin construction and bring to life a design plan that focuses on the traditional idea of the neighbourhood.

Taylors Director, Nick Hooper, said the rezoning was quite a challenge.

“It took a long time, around four years from start to finish, and in this time there were a lot of negotiations between us, Kataland and the Council.

“Some local people didn’t want the development to go ahead due to the location as it was a well-known …

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How Eastland got its new look

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24th June

Behind the scenes, work has been happening for the last decade to prepare for the redevelopment of Eastland Shopping Centre, including the recent $665 million refurbishment.

Years of project consulting, surveying, mapping and negotiating title considerations have been undertaken to allow asset owners, QIC, to complete the major refurbishment, which has significantly increased the range of shopping, dining and local businesses in Melbourne’s east.

Taylors Operations Manager of Urban Development Survey, Leo Bateman, said they had been working with QIC for more than 10 years on their long term vision for the shopping centre.

“When we first began working with QIC, we conducted a full survey of the shopping centre to get a solid database to work from,” said Mr Bateman.

“That data has become a foundation for all architectural design and construction that Eastland has conducted since and we essentially act as custodians …

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Smart stormwater solutions

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24th June

Our Engineers create innovative solutions for compact living and avoid disruptive excavations, by installing stormwater detention tanks in concrete slabs under homes

Sunland’s Carre Residences in Springvale is a boutique medium density townhouse development with 239 lots surrounding a central community park.

While the number of houses is extensive, there is a limited road reserve where all required facilities needed to be located. This meant Engineers at Taylors had to find a way to fit in all the stormwater infrastructure and pipes for the development, while meeting set requirements from different authorities.

Taylors Engineering and Project Management Operations Manager, John Yalden, said the Engineering team created a solution by locating the stormwater tanks in the slab beneath the houses to provide more room in the road reserve.

“Installing the stormwater storage within the slabs avoided having ugly water tanks in view and it provided …

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