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‘This Girl Can’ – Getting Women Involved!

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4th April

Physical activity on a regular basis is all part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but recent statistics show that half of us aren’t getting enough exercise each week. Getting movement into your day matters, and yet Victorian women are holding back from getting involved or started in a sport for multiple reasons, such as fear of judgement or not being fit enough to start.

That’s where the ‘This Girl Can’ Initiative comes in!

Taylors own Tamara Reilly is getting active in the roller derby team featured in the ‘This Girl Can’ advertisement.

‘This Girl Can’ is here to support and celebrate Victorian women getting active in any way that best suits you, to make time for your health and find what feels right for you. Taylors is behind this movement as we recognize the many women in our workplace who are keen …

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Arrives at Taylors

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15th December

Taylors is excited to launch our new suite of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools.

These Visualisation tools will support our broad range of services from Construction Survey, Engineering, Project Management, Infrastructure Survey, Urban Design, Planning and Architecture.

As well as offering our clients the ability to visualise their data in a more intuitive way, it enables them to provide accurate, up-to-date visuals and immersive experiences to their customers.

The Taylors Visualisation Suite includes VR / AR experiences ranging from the use of accessible technology such as the Google Cardboard to full, immersive experiences using the HTC Vive or the very exciting Hologram Room and Hololens.

Please talk to us anytime to find out more about how the Taylors Visualisation Suite can help your business, and make sure you visit us again soon to see examples of our work using the new tools as they come online in …

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