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Focus On: Design Guidelines | The Foundation of Good Design

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20th September

The key to good design, comes from having good foundations and guidelines to follow. Whether it be the design of public spaces, the layout of cities, or the building design of a local neighbourhood, having design guidelines in place ensures safe, liveable spaces. Some of these guidelines stem from common sense, while others are developed from collections of study, but all of these intend to implement a principle without restricting creativity in design.

At Taylors, the Design Guidelines team is autonomous, working behind the spotlight to ensure quality delivery of multiple projects, but they are a crucial complement to multiple teams, as Design Guidelines Manager, Melanie Memery explains.

“I’ve been in the building industry for twelve years, and I came to Taylors five and a half years ago.”

Where does Design Guidelines sit among the Taylors team and what does the …

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Land Registry’s New Policy on Covenants & Restrictions

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23rd May

New requirements for creating restrictive covenants in transfers and restrictions in plans will come into effect on 1 July 2018.

From 1 July 2018, all Covenants created in Transfers and many Restrictions created in Plans of Subdivision, will be required to incorporate a Memorandum of Common Provisions (MCP) to contain the details of the Covenant or Restriction.  The MCP is a separate registered document.  The new “short form” look of the Covenant / Restriction will include a standard preamble, the burdened land, the benefited land, reference to a MCP Dealing No for the details, and generally an expiry date.


Historically, developers of multi lot subdivisions have had the option of creating Covenants to control such things as Design Guidelines etc, through contracts / registration of transfers, on a purchaser by purchaser basis.  This option (under the Transfer of Land Act 1958), is …

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