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Industry Application: Integrating biodiversity into projects

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26th October

With the consideration of biodiversity well-being at the forefront of numerous up and coming urban developments, it is important to both reflect on previous instances where biodiversity has been improved by development, and to educate future generations on its importance and impact.

Landscape Architecture Manager and Senior Urban Designer at Taylors, Amy Davidson, recently had the opportunity to address 120 students studying first year Planning or second year Environments and Society at RMIT University’s Melbourne campus on the topic of integrating biodiversity into projects. “The majority of the students I spoke to will go into government roles at some stage throughout their careers…I wanted the students to understand that all individuals can make a difference and that biodiversity is more resilient than we think.” Ms Davidson remarked. The lecture provided Taylors with the opportunity to present the company to a new …

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M-City: Melbourne’s newest and largest mixed-use development

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16th October

M-City is set to be Melbourne’s largest mixed-use development outside of the CBD. Located in Clayton the 35,000m² community will include 600 + apartments, a hotel, office complex, and an extensive shopping and dining precinct. Here’s how it’s progressing so far.

Located just 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, the Monash region is experiencing strong capital growth. It is consistently outperforming metropolitan Melbourne in real estate market growth, demonstrated by a 19 percent median house price growth in 12 months.

These conditions make it the perfect location for the new M-City development, a major mixed-use complex that is set to be released to tender shortly.

Taylors was awarded the survey and subdivision services for the development, but has actually been involved with the project for the last ten years. Taylors’ General Manager – Urban Development Survey, Leo Bateman, said “We’ve completed boundary marking and …

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Seeing green in smart design

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1st August

One of Taylors’ clients, SOHO Living, was recently featured in an article published in Domain magazine discussing the smart new Copernicus Way development at Keilor Downs. See the interview with Landscape Architect, Amy Davidson.

See more about SOHO Living’s Aspect Residences in Keilor Downs here.

Indoor and Outdoor Mobile Laser Mapping Technology Solutions

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26th July

Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS) technology collects survey data in a fraction of the time it takes conventional methods and Taylors have recently purchased one of the only systems in Australia.

Mobile mapping survey technologies have been rapidly advancing over the last few years in response to industry demand for increased safety, productivity, and accuracy on projects. The technologies allow surveyors to conduct highly efficient surveys of major infrastructure such as road networks, electricity networks, large buildings, schools and universities, airports, hospitals and treatment plants.

Taylors has been working with BCE Surveying from Perth to operate the Trimble MX8 in Victoria, which is cutting edge outdoor mobile mapping technology that provides LiDAR and high-resolution imagery for projects at speeds not possible with traditional laser scanning.

Applications for mobile mapping in Australia

Taylors Infrastructure Operations Manager Anthony Emmerson said the greatest benefit of mobile …

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Lifestyle development wins industry award

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3rd July

Taylors are the proud Town Planning and Survey Consultants for the new Lifestyle Hastings development which was recently named the most affordable development of the year at the 2017 National UDIA Awards for Excellence.

The Lifestyle development located in Hastings on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula was awarded the UDIA’s National Affordable Development Award over six other developments from around Australia.

The development by Lifestyle Communities is a secure community aimed at over 55 year olds that has been designed and developed in a way that makes the construction costs cheaper than regular houses, without losing any of the quality and amenities. These turn-key homes are now priced at around 80 percent of the median house price in the catchment.

Taylors provided town planning and survey services for the 141-home development which included obtaining the project’s permits and coordinating with the builder to deliver …

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UDIA / VPELA NZ Study Tour 2016

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7th November

Taylors recently hosted a day event as part of this years’ UDIA/VPELA Study Tour of New Zealand which explored and showcased some of the common and unique challenges faced by Councils and developers in the fast-growing city of Auckland which houses 32% of the country’s population and Christchurch, a city that is rebuilding a vital community after the devastating earthquake series of 2010/2011.

Auckland High Density City LivingChristchurch – Silverstream Estate

Our hosted day in Christchurch included the following presentations:

Geotechnical aspects for new building foundations on earthquake prone land
Christchurch City Council on the preparation and implementation of The Blueprint Plan to re-develop the City and heritage building considerations
Interactive city walk to demonstrate innovative temporary projects on vacant city land to create community social interaction and identity
Retail Precinct walk-through to explain the influence of The Blueprint Plan on the Christchurch retail CBD
Construction project …

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Smart stormwater solutions

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24th June

Our Engineers create innovative solutions for compact living and avoid disruptive excavations, by installing stormwater detention tanks in concrete slabs under homes

Sunland’s Carre Residences in Springvale is a boutique medium density townhouse development with 239 lots surrounding a central community park.

While the number of houses is extensive, there is a limited road reserve where all required facilities needed to be located. This meant Engineers at Taylors had to find a way to fit in all the stormwater infrastructure and pipes for the development, while meeting set requirements from different authorities.

Taylors Engineering and Project Management Operations Manager, John Yalden, said the Engineering team created a solution by locating the stormwater tanks in the slab beneath the houses to provide more room in the road reserve.

“Installing the stormwater storage within the slabs avoided having ugly water tanks in view and it provided …

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What it takes to build the Grand Prix

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7th March

The Grand Prix is one of only a few sporting tracks in the world that is non permanent and requires full construction. With this temporary nature, surveying services become key.

The Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year in Melbourne. Thousands of people attend the Albert Park track that, only a few months before, was a quiet parkland.

The event requires the largest temporary overlay for any annual sporting event in the world and behind the scenes, a consortium of companies work tirelessly to build the world-class race track from the ground up.

Taylors have just been awarded another four year contract for all surveying services for the track.

For the last six years, Taylors has been responsible for ensuring the position of every single piece of infrastructure is accurate ahead of the event.

This includes the setout of …

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