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Focus On: Design Guidelines | The Foundation of Good Design

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20th September

The key to good design, comes from having good foundations and guidelines to follow. Whether it be the design of public spaces, the layout of cities, or the building design of a local neighbourhood, having design guidelines in place ensures safe, liveable spaces. Some of these guidelines stem from common sense, while others are developed from collections of study, but all of these intend to implement a principle without restricting creativity in design.

At Taylors, the Design Guidelines team is autonomous, working behind the spotlight to ensure quality delivery of multiple projects, but they are a crucial complement to multiple teams, as Design Guidelines Manager, Melanie Memery explains.

“I’ve been in the building industry for twelve years, and I came to Taylors five and a half years ago.”

Where does Design Guidelines sit among the Taylors team and what does the …

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Land Use Victoria’s New Fees & Easement Naming Requirements

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27th June

Land Use Victoria has announced that, from July 1, there will be changes to lodgement and search fees, as well as a new policy for the naming of carriageway easements and easements of way in plans.


Fee Structure Alterations

In accordance with the Monetary Units Act 2004 Land Use Victoria lodgement fees are expressed in number of fee units. A fee unit value is adjusted on the 1st of July each year by the Treasurer.

The current value of a fee unit for the 2017-18 financial year is: $14.22. From July 1 2018, the value of a fee unit, as announced by the Treasurer, is $14.45.

This means that from the new financial year there will be an increase in Land Use Victoria lodgement and search fees. These new charges are applied to Plans of Subdivision, transfers of land, caveats, mortgages, etc. Search fees …

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Land Registry’s New Policy on Covenants & Restrictions

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23rd May

New requirements for creating restrictive covenants in transfers and restrictions in plans will come into effect on 1 July 2018.

From 1 July 2018, all Covenants created in Transfers and many Restrictions created in Plans of Subdivision, will be required to incorporate a Memorandum of Common Provisions (MCP) to contain the details of the Covenant or Restriction.  The MCP is a separate registered document.  The new “short form” look of the Covenant / Restriction will include a standard preamble, the burdened land, the benefited land, reference to a MCP Dealing No for the details, and generally an expiry date.


Historically, developers of multi lot subdivisions have had the option of creating Covenants to control such things as Design Guidelines etc, through contracts / registration of transfers, on a purchaser by purchaser basis.  This option (under the Transfer of Land Act 1958), is …

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Good Fences make Good Neighbours, or Do They?

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30th January

As residential living becomes smarter and more inclusive of situations including multi-generational living and communal space, is there growing potential in the Australian market for the possibility of shared backyards among residential dwellings? For generations, Australians have thrived off the idea of owning their ‘forever home’ with a spacious yard and picket fence to flag-post the boundaries of their property.

However, with the concept of shared backyards emerging around the world for varied purposes – sustainable shared food production in North America and Canada, multi-generational dwellings across Asia – has the time come for Australians to do away with the fence and embrace communal living in our own backyard?

Victorian news program, The Project, approached the issue last week by way of inviting Peter Vlitas of Avid Property Group to share his views on this “incredibly optimistic picture of suburban living.”

The topic …

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M-City: Melbourne’s newest and largest mixed-use development

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16th October

M-City is set to be Melbourne’s largest mixed-use development outside of the CBD. Located in Clayton the 35,000m² community will include 600 + apartments, a hotel, office complex, and an extensive shopping and dining precinct. Here’s how it’s progressing so far.

Located just 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, the Monash region is experiencing strong capital growth. It is consistently outperforming metropolitan Melbourne in real estate market growth, demonstrated by a 19 percent median house price growth in 12 months.

These conditions make it the perfect location for the new M-City development, a major mixed-use complex that is set to be released to tender shortly.

Taylors was awarded the survey and subdivision services for the development, but has actually been involved with the project for the last ten years. Taylors’ General Manager – Urban Development Survey, Leo Bateman, said “We’ve completed boundary marking and …

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Lifestyle development wins industry award

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3rd July

Taylors are the proud Town Planning and Survey Consultants for the new Lifestyle Hastings development which was recently named the most affordable development of the year at the 2017 National UDIA Awards for Excellence.

The Lifestyle development located in Hastings on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula was awarded the UDIA’s National Affordable Development Award over six other developments from around Australia.

The development by Lifestyle Communities is a secure community aimed at over 55 year olds that has been designed and developed in a way that makes the construction costs cheaper than regular houses, without losing any of the quality and amenities. These turn-key homes are now priced at around 80 percent of the median house price in the catchment.

Taylors provided town planning and survey services for the 141-home development which included obtaining the project’s permits and coordinating with the builder to deliver …

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UDIA / VPELA NZ Study Tour 2016

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7th November

Taylors recently hosted a day event as part of this years’ UDIA/VPELA Study Tour of New Zealand which explored and showcased some of the common and unique challenges faced by Councils and developers in the fast-growing city of Auckland which houses 32% of the country’s population and Christchurch, a city that is rebuilding a vital community after the devastating earthquake series of 2010/2011.

Auckland High Density City LivingChristchurch – Silverstream Estate

Our hosted day in Christchurch included the following presentations:

Geotechnical aspects for new building foundations on earthquake prone land
Christchurch City Council on the preparation and implementation of The Blueprint Plan to re-develop the City and heritage building considerations
Interactive city walk to demonstrate innovative temporary projects on vacant city land to create community social interaction and identity
Retail Precinct walk-through to explain the influence of The Blueprint Plan on the Christchurch retail CBD
Construction project …

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