Committee Celebrations as 2017 Comes to a Close

Posted on December 15th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, News, Our people.

With the year quickly drawing to a close, it is time for people to come together and celebrate the year that was and the achievements that were accomplished in the last twelve months. Several Taylors team members have been well known figures of numerous industry committees for some time now, and as such made their appearances – with young Taylors professionals alongside who are keen to step up in 2018 – at the ALDE, YPG, and UDIA end of year celebrations.

ALDE YEiLD – 2017: A Year in Review
Taylors has members on both the ALDE and YEiLD Committee, Design Engineer Nic Green and Graduate Engineer Adit Kakkar respectively, and jointly attended to learn of how both committees would progress into the new year. “The event was held to provide members of ALDE’s YEiLD division (Young Engineers in Land Development) a chance to hear from the YEiLD committee on the purpose of YEiLD and provide information on the new direction they will take in 2018 and beyond.’ ‘There was a networking element [to the event] and it provided Taylors employees with a chance to hear what [the committees] have been doing in the land development space over the past year as well as provide information on where YEiLD is placed in the larger industry scheme.”
The main takeaway from the event was the knowledge that YEiLD and ALDE are continuing to lobby key stakeholders to improve the land development process of which engineers are involved in as well as provide a voice for any concerns young engineers have with the industry or its key stakeholders.

VPELA Young Professionals Group (YPG) Christmas Party
As sponsors of the Young Professionals Group, the VPELA YPG Christmas Party provided a relaxed opportunity for ‘networking amongst others’ including developers and sub-consultants. Taylors was represented by Urban Development Planning Manager Matthew Law and soon to be committee member Town Planner Magdaline Loizou. “[We] used this event as an opportunity to introduce Magdaline to the YPG Committee as she will be a committee member next year to represent Taylors at meetings and events. It was also a great networking opportunity, and there were young planners present for recruitment opportunities.”

UDIA Outlook End of Year Celebration
Taylors are Platinum Sponsors of the Outlook committee, to which Project Surveyors Craig Lyons and Raymond Li are committee members. This was perhaps Taylors most involved end of year event with Raymond Li working as part of the organising committee for the event. This event is an end of year celebration and networking opportunity for Young Professional in the Development Industry. It is the final event on the calendar of the UDIA Outlook and is organised by the UDIA Outlook Committee as a relaxed social event. “The event lived up to its name! Espresso Yourself! The coffee themed event brought together many of Melbourne’s brightest and talented young professionals. The wet Melbourne weather didn’t put a dampener on the evening as the 130 attendees were well catered for at the new and impressive office of Tract Consultants which overlook the CBD and the Yarra River.”
“This event was great for Taylors young professionals to foster new relationships and build on existing ones with our key clients and other industry professionals. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to take a break, unwind and look back on a busy and successful year.”

Taylors would like to extend thanks to all of the committees that we are a part of and congratulate all for their achievements in 2017. Here’s to another ground-breaking year ahead; another year to make progress and foster new relationships.