Communication in the Workplace: RMIT Student Presentation

Posted on September 15th, by Taylors in Events, Our people, Sponsorships.

Eager RMIT final year graduates were given the opportunity to hear from Taylors’ representatives Leo Bateman and Michael Sretenovich just last week about the topic of effective communication in the workplace.

“Communication is key – it’s a saying heard often but open to interpretation across the board.” The opening words from Leo set the tone for the afternoon, with students keen to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of what environment might be waiting for them in the professional field. There were no incorrect questions, and it was inspiring to see the future leaders of the industry ambitiously enquiring about the correct way to approach a tricky client, how to word an email to their fellow colleagues – what defines an acceptable workplace nickname? – and how to ensure that their voice could be heard among a crowd of talented individuals so that they could make their mark in the industry.

“[We wanted to] show them how it’s done at Taylors.” Leo remarked. “The main takeaways for the students were: importance of effective communication as being at the heart of everything; be encouraged to develop the habit of being involved and speaking up; and be clear on why a business must be based on a formal communication structure.”
Following the in-depth explanation of best workplace practice, recent RMIT graduate Michael Sretenovich was given the opportunity to share his experience.

“It’s hard to believe that I was sitting with you guys less than two years ago listening to this.” Michael’s story detailed his journey from university to Taylors, with acknowledgement to his time at a smaller firm between the two. He explained just how diverse working environments could be and that each workplace provided another stage of learning and personal development. The learning beyond university was so much more than could be taught in a lecture theatre, it was about getting stuck into the task and taking on opportunities to lead communication when those situations presented themselves.
The questions continued even after the lecture had ended, with students determined to get the most helpful industry insights to correctly begin their journey in the industry. “Many of you may have already experienced your first interview, or you work in a casual capacity, so it’s key to understand how to communicate effectively.”
As conversations dwindled, it was reiterated that, “In terms of interview tips, the most important message to the students [is] that, from an employer’s perspective, we look for passion and commitment to learning, as the business will be assessing their cultural fit and their potential to grow.”
Taylors looks forward to working with future RMIT graduates and helping them grow into the industry leaders of tomorrow.