Taylors COVID 19 Business Continuity Commitment to Clients

Dear valued clients and friends, 

We write to you with only a brief note to advise you that we have enacted our Business Continuity Action Plan given our current situation with COVID-19.
We want to ensure you that we have prepared all necessary arrangements to move to full remote home work operation should it become necessary.  This plan has been enacted to both ensure the health and wellbeing of our team and the minimal disruption to your project.
Our project management and control systems are cloud based and are accessible to our team from anywhere at any time.  Our communication and video conferencing is enabled at all workstations so, subject to local data transmission congestion, communication with your client manager or project lead should be seamless.   The core service delivery of our Urban and Infrastructure Business is managed and undertaken locally and internally and therefore we have full control over our consulting work and deliverables. 
We are also having advanced conversations with supply chain elements which may have an impact on your project.
We have taken a Community Thinking First approach with our Action Plan and this means that unfortunately we have withdrawn our team members from attending corporate events and conferences until further notice and we request that all project meetings be shifted to online video conferencing wherever possible.

Client Meeting Interactions  
All non-essential client meetings should be done via zoom or phone conference
Client visits to the office should be minimised with preference towards zoom meetings wherever possible
Essential client meetings are permissible providing social distancing protocols are followed.
Essential client site meetings should be held in the open and not in small rooms / site sheds, and our employees reserve the right to decline meeting attendance where social distancing protocols are not in place.
Our employees reserve the right to decline meeting attendance where social distancing protocols are not in place.

Please contact any of the Taylors Board or Operational General Managers should you wish to discuss or if you have any concerns.

Richard Cirillo Managing Director 0407 355 416
Sarkis Yelandjian Director – General Manager – Business Development 0413 702 965
Nick Hooper Director – General Manager – Urban Development Planning & Design 0413 702 956
Andrea Crane Associate Director – General Manager – People & Culture 0413 702 968
Leo Bateman General Manager – Urban Development Survey & Subdivision 0408 991 426
John Yalden General Manager – Engineering & Project Management 0409 002 001
Anthony Emmerson General Manager –  Infrastructure Survey 0404 502 617