Developing Greater Melbourne

Posted on November 15th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, Our people, Urban Development.

The Developing Greater Melbourne conference, hosted by AventEdge, recently took place in Melbourne with the purpose of bringing together government and industry leaders to identify and harness infrastructure, property, urban development and investment opportunities in Greater Melbourne.

Taylors Urban Design Manager, Andrew Tamme, represented the company at this in-depth networking experience and gained insight into the issues that are most currently pressing in Melbourne development. “A successful development industry requires a considered and balanced approach to assist in rectifying current social issues, not making them worse.” Mr Tamme explained.

With notable guest speakers and panels offering an array of opinions on current issues, the most pressing topics included not for profit social housing, aged care, government (local, VPA, regional), economics (banking sector) and sustainability and innovation in technology sectors. With urban development across Melbourne and its regional cities forecasted to remain strong (subject to growth in the current areas of migration and jobs), it is becoming necessary to adopt an impartial approach to ensure that profit is not the only outcome and measurement of a successful development.

“Good design is still being looked for and championed by the industry, and asked for by most sectors, but it is still hard to achieve with current Council approval processes.” The seminar addressed the options currently available in the industry while debating potential solutions for a sustainable and progressive urban future. Sectors such as engineering, land development, town planning and UD survey are among those that would benefit exponentially from any progress made surrounding these pressing issues, and it’s this progress that Taylors will pay close attention to and intend to lead the charge in coming years.