Encouraging Creative Thinking at the C.I Conference 2017

Posted on November 24th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, Infrastructure, Our people.

One of the more unique events of the corporate calendar recently took place in Melbourne; the Creative Innovation Asia Pacific Conference for 2017 was attended by Taylors Virtual Reality and Application Development Manager, Derek Van Tonder.

The conference was comprehensive, with many high-level industry executives attending dynamic workshops and being drawn in by unique technology. “The audience was very targeted for our business,” says Mr Van Tonder. “Our [virtual reality] demonstration was extremely popular and well-received because it is extremely simple. [Our] demo was a high-quality architectural scene with physically-based lighting combined with a physics demo where you could pick up objects in VR, throw around, stack the blocks and more.”

‘Derek Van Tonder demonstrates the capabilities of Taylors virtual reality technology.’

The main takeaway from this event was clear; clients and industry leaders alike have their sights set on accessible and effective VR technology for future implementation, and Taylors certainly delivered. “People have a real thirst for learning more [about] VR, especially if it is simply and clearly explained; [people] were literally queuing up to try our software. Potential clients were absolutely blown away by the quality of Taylors virtual reality software and getting our demo in front of a large, highly-ranked audience of industry executives was worth every hour spent organizing this event.’

Not all virtual reality demonstrations were created equally however, and some bulkier innovations were not warmed to by the crowd, ‘Crazy, complicated VR setups are too intimidating for the general public, and require mandatory disclaimers and age restrictions.’ The key to winning the crowd appeared to lie in the ease of usability.

‘The Virtual Eagle Flight (pictured) controlled how consumers could use the technology, whereas Taylors demonstration opened up a world of possibilities.’

Taylors aim is to assure clients and professionals that virtual reality can be done in an accessible way. ‘[We] want to help our clients to tell stories by using virtual reality, and we’re using our expertise in Reality Capture and Urban Design to design simulations based on reality for the Engineering, Land Development, Town Planning, and UD Survey industries and more! We’re offering custom-designed software instead of re-using existing software packages, and we’re enthusiastic about the potential for VR coupled with Reality Capture technology.’

New connections were formed at the event with invitations from Woodside Energy and Questacon Federal Government Science centre being extended to Taylors to showcase virtual reality technology in Perth and Canberra respectively.
Taylors would like to extend our thanks to Global Mindset for providing us with the opportunity to attend this forward-thinking event.