FARO 3D User Conference – Networking and New Technology

Posted on August 7th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, Indonesia, Infrastructure, Our people, Southeast Asia, Urban Development.

The 2018 FARO 3D User Conference in Jakarta received an “overwhelming response” from individuals keen to attend and provided the perfect environment for delegates and partners to connect and share knowledge, including Taylors Indonesian representative, Urban Designer, Thomas Smid.

FARO 3D Conference delegates and speakers. Photo credit: FARO Facebook

FARO 3D Conference delegates and speakers. Photo credit: FARO Facebook

The conference aims to bring together the technology interested community of the Asia Pacific region to “assess the capabilities and uncover the potential of 3D terrestrial laser scanning technology and solutions”. This year’s event did not disappoint, with information on the latest 3D scanning technology and the current developments in Indonesia discussed at length.

“There were several meeting opportunities with professionals in the same market space as Taylors,” commented Thomas. “And while it was mostly a presentation event, there were some exhibition elements involved as well.” The FARO 3D Conference gave interested market representatives in the Asia Pacific region a platform to bond over:
– The latest 3D product showcasing and technology solutions
– Sharing expertise, applications and know-how
– Face-to-face interactions and networking with like-minded individuals
– New business creation and initiative

“The main takeaway from this event is that, future Indonesian constructions projects need better planning and comprehensive preparation to save costs and maintain project quality. BIM is the future workflow to prepare the data and technical engineering information based on digital format.”

Taylors Jakarta representative, Thomas Smid networking with like-minded professionals

Taylors Jakarta representative, Thomas Smid networking with like-minded professionals

With the conference bringing so many learned individuals from the architecture, engineering, constructions, cultural heritage, facility management and surveying sectors together, the presentations given needed to capture the attention of all attendees and provide them with the crucial information needed moving forward. So, what does this mean for Taylors?

“The presentation material was informative with many project examples, and it was of benefit to network and meet with new people to expand contacts within Jakarta, while also obtaining knowledge on the latest technology developments in the 3D laser scanning environment. Compared to the technology that the Indonesian market uses, I tend to say that Taylors is using the latest equipment, if not newer. We are currently ahead of the market.”

Events like the FARO 3D User Conference give Taylors a chance to be a step ahead of the pack by learning of the latest technological developments around the globe and checking our current technology and practices to ensure that we are providing our clients with expertise and cutting-edge technology to complete each project with precision and an intelligent approach.

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