Fostering Collaboration and Creative Thinking at BuzzConf 2017

Posted on December 11th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, News, Our people.

The 2017 BuzzConf took place last weekend at Phoenix Park, Ballan and despite the unprecedented downpour, spirits remained un-dampened as new and innovative technologies were showcased to a diverse audience.

It was an opportunity ‘to introduce people to new and emerging technology and foster participation, collaboration and creative thinking’, to gain knowledge of new ways that technology is being used, and to network with others who are working on innovative ways of incorporating new and emerging technology in their industries.

“The networking aspect is definitely the biggest boon I can see from the event.” Said regular attendee, Luke Clow, Web and Graphic Designer for Taylors. “Talking about ways that others are using the tech, ways that technology is changing other industries and there are plenty that are interested in what Taylors is doing as well. I learned a lot about neural networks and AI, and got some more hands-on experience at creating mixed reality environments.”

A change of pace from many of the events earlier this year, Taylors took a step back from presenting to instead take a social approach. ‘I did get the opportunity to discuss what we’re doing with a number of people who have an interest in how we are using drones, AR, VR, and our hologram room to bring extra value to our services. While the interest in these technologies is high, they are often seen as primarily ‘entertainment’ value rather than enhancing an industry. Having a few more examples to show off was a great chance to get the discussion of our expertise going. We’re very excited about some of the new relationships we’re growing from this event.”