How Eastland got its new look

Posted on June 24th, by Taylors in News, Projects.

Behind the scenes, work has been happening for the last decade to prepare for the redevelopment of Eastland Shopping Centre, including the recent $665 million refurbishment.


Years of project consulting, surveying, mapping and negotiating title considerations have been undertaken to allow asset owners, QIC, to complete the major refurbishment, which has significantly increased the range of shopping, dining and local businesses in Melbourne’s east.

Taylors Operations Manager of Urban Development Survey, Leo Bateman, said they had been working with QIC for more than 10 years on their long term vision for the shopping centre.

“When we first began working with QIC, we conducted a full survey of the shopping centre to get a solid database to work from,” said Mr Bateman.

“That data has become a foundation for all architectural design and construction that Eastland has conducted since and we essentially act as custodians for maintaining the integrity of that data.

“We take an active role in Eastland projects by maintaining the accuracy of the surveying maps and helping with any technical survey issues for the site.”

Consolidating titles

When plans to increase the size of the shopping centre by approximately 50 per cent started to ramp up a few years ago, Taylors began work on subdividing the site.

“Eastland was comprised of numerous titles from a range of different businesses, so before the redevelopment could begin, that aspect needed to be dealt with.

“It was all a bit messy, so the first thing we did was prepare a plan for the subdivision so we could consolidate all the individual titles into one.

“It was very challenging and time consuming because of the number of different owners within the site, as well as a range of other stakeholders, all with varying interests.

“In the end we were able to assist the transfer of all titles from separate entities to one consolidated title so the subdivision could be lodged under the one applicant’s name.”

According to Mr Bateman, titles are major assets for a project such as Eastland and if they are not created properly, it can cause problems for future development.

“Working on Eastland, we’ve really had to plan ahead and think, if we do this now, what are the implications for the future.”

“Basically we had to be innovative in our thinking so we could future-proof the site and maintain maximum potential for future subdivision.”

“Our philosophy is that it’s not just as simple as completing a task – whether that be surveying or consolidating titles – we actually need to understand what the future plans are for our client so we can help them achieve their long term goals.”

Minimising disruption to business as usual

Taylors has also worked with Eastland on surveying the existing food court as part of a major overhaul of the dining outlets.

“As one of Victoria’s biggest and busiest shopping centres, we had to work quickly so as to have minimal impact on trading and not inconvenience shoppers, so we conducted the survey of the food court at night.

“We used 3D laser scanners to deliver an existing conditions survey of storefronts, counter levels, changes in floor elevations, vertical clearances, and the locations of columns and steps.

Mr Bateman said using this technology and working outside of the centre’s operating hours was the most practical and cost effective solution.

We were able to deliver a “point cloud” of the food court (a visual 3D representation of the area), within hours of conducting the survey.

“A point cloud is a far superior data set deliverable than a conventional survey outcome (the traditional feature and level survey) and is more fit for purpose in this instance.

“Point clouds are basically 3D models, which can help the client and the architects to visualise the existing structure.”


What’s next at Eastland?

Taylors will now facilitate the subdivision of Eastland’s newly constructed library and town square, which are designed to become a central activity hub for locals and help Eastland become a shopping mecca for Melbourne’s east.

Eastland AERIAL

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