Construction VIC Project Feature: Jaques Richmond Apartments

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For half a century Taylors have been evolving their integrated suite of planning and survey disciplines, using the best-available technology to stay ahead in the field.  For the Jaques Richmond project, Taylors provided a range of services, from the early survey set up, cadastral boundary checking, and establishment of the gridlines and primary control network, through to ongoing as-built surveying.

The early set up was handled by the Taylors Urban Development team, who faced the challenge posed by surveying for a new build in an existing industrial structure, with limited access points and all pre-existing services still onsite. The second survey stage was undertaken by the Taylors Infrastructure survey team, who needed to maintain a flexible schedule in order to meet the demands of the construction program. The teams used the latest robotic Trimble S8 surveying equipment, which efficiently deliver results which are accurate to the millimetre, and GNSS (GPS) units, which provide real-time millimetre accurate coordinates through all current navigational satellites and the Victorian GPS base station network.

The S8 units provide live review capabilities of field work, including on-screen checking of construction design plans, allowing same-day reporting of discrepancies between design and construction. The benefit for the builder is almost instant feedback on issues, enabling rapid rectification. The field crews can also send and receive data via mobile internet access, enabling real-time file access to the office-based operational teams.

Taylors expertise includes a wide variety of infrastructure disciplines including Telecommunications, Water, Rail, Roads and Buildings. Their experience includes major pipeline route surveys, establishment of control networks and level datums, acquisition surveys and associated subdivisions, easement creations, feature and level surveys, drainage surveys for flood modelling, mobile mapping, UAV aerial photography and all other forms of engineering and construction surveys. Major projects that Taylors have delivered in the past 5 years include the Victorian Desalination Pipeline survey, The Australian Grand Prix and the National Broadband Network rollout.

Over the past 50 years Taylors have also developed a reputation for excellence in Masterplanning and Urban Design, GIS, Civil Engineering, Development Strategy and Project Management. The team of nearly 100 professionals includes town planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, licensed surveyors, field surveyors, draftspeople, project coordinators, project managers and development strategists.

“When it comes to solutions, at Taylors we pride ourselves on being able to think outside the square to conceptualise creative and workable solutions for our projects,” said Taylors spokesperson, Anthony Emmerson. “We strive to explore new frontiers, to challenge ourselves and our industry, and to put our people in the space of groundbreaking project and development activity. Our clients, our team and our community all benefit from this vision and we believe that this is what makes us stand out from the crowd.”

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