Taylors contributes to education improvements in Kokoda, PNG

Posted on September 10th, by Taylors in News, Our people, Sponsorships.

Taylors, through its Corporate Social Responsibility program is helping improve the lives of those living along the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea by contributing to the construction of the Kokoda College.

The Kokoda College is an initiative of The Kokoda Track Foundation, a not‐for‐profit organisation that works with the communities living along and around the Kokoda Track and assists in education, health, community development, and microbusiness. The College will be a state-of-the-art training facility based in Kokoda village. The College will train urgently needed elementary teachers, primary teachers and community health workers for PNG and will train enough of these professionals to meet the needs of the entire Kokoda Track catchment area within its first 3 years of operations. Construction is underway and the College will open its doors in February 2014.

Taylors will contribute to this project by assisting volunteer and Taylors client, Marty Hook of Kokoda Tribute Trekking to travel to Kokoda for two weeks this October where he will utilise his building skills in the construction of the school.

I have experienced firsthand the need for this facility when I walked the 96km Kokoda Track with Marty in 2010 and saw the limited education facilities available.

Nauro Village School – Kokoda Track, PNG

These isolated communities are descendants of the “Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels”, the native carriers who so selflessly helped the Australian Diggers during the Second World War. This is a great opportunity to give something back.

Marty currently sponsors the Sogeri Elementary School at the Port Moresby end of the Kokoda Track and has built bookcases and benches/desks for every classroom. Prior to his involvement, the children all sat on rough concrete floors for their classes.

On my visit to PNG, I was also pleased to donate with Marty a range of readers and art supplies to the Sogeri School; meet the children and see the difference that we can make. One of the highlights of the trip.

Sogeri Elementary School – Kokoda Track, PNG

Whilst the school still looks Spartan by Australian standards, thanks to Marty’s work it now has drainage works, electricity and a pump to bring fresh water from the adjacent river.

Taylors is proud to assist this valuable project. You can also help Marty with a donation to cover his costs by visiting his page at Making a Difference.

Find out more information about this great project and the people making it happen at Kokoda Track Foundation and Kokoda College.

I’d also recommend taking this once in a lifetime trek yourself to experience this beautiful country and its people; and to appreciate the sacrifices the Australian Diggers and their Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels made during the Second World War. See Kokoda Tribute for further details.

Ross Lamont