Land Use Victoria’s New Fees & Easement Naming Requirements

Posted on June 27th, by Nicole Pendlebury in News, Planning, Project Management, Urban Design, Urban Development.

Land Use Victoria has announced that, from July 1, there will be changes to lodgement and search fees, as well as a new policy for the naming of carriageway easements and easements of way in plans.


Fee Structure Alterations

In accordance with the Monetary Units Act 2004 Land Use Victoria lodgement fees are expressed in number of fee units. A fee unit value is adjusted on the 1st of July each year by the Treasurer.

The current value of a fee unit for the 2017-18 financial year is: $14.22. From July 1 2018, the value of a fee unit, as announced by the Treasurer, is $14.45.

This means that from the new financial year there will be an increase in Land Use Victoria lodgement and search fees. These new charges are applied to Plans of Subdivision, transfers of land, caveats, mortgages, etc. Search fees and other Land Use Victoria charges are also adjusted.

In the table below, is a summary of the most common fees for lodging transactions.

Fee for Paper Transactions Fee for Electronic Transactions
Discharge of Mortgage $116.80 $108.10
Transfer of Land $96.10 plus $2.34 per $1000 of consideration (up to a consideration of $1.5m) $87.30 plus $2.34 per $1000 of consideration (up to a consideration of $1.5m)
Mortgage $116.80 $108.10
$48.00 $39.20
Transfer (non-monetary) $96.10 $87.30
Withdrawal of Caveat $48.00 $39.20
Transmission Application $48.00 $39.20
Survivorship Application $48.00 $39.20
Plan of Subdivision $605.20 plus $187.10 per parcel (a parcel is each lot, road, reserve or common property created by the plan)

You can download more comprehensive list of the updated fees by clicking the following links:

2018-19 Guide to Subdivision Act Fees 2018-19 Guide toTransfer of Land Act Fees

Please note: The units in these pdfs have been converted to a dollar value on the basis of the value of a fee unit as it is set for the 2018-19 financial year.


Naming Easements on Plans of Subdivision

Land Use Victoria has advised that it is no longer acceptable to name carriageway easements and easements of way shown on a plan under the Subdivision Act 1988. The plan should only identify the location of any such easement and its purpose.

When registered, a plan becomes the diagram location for the land in the plan and is the authority for the status of any parcel or easement information. Introducing road names over easements shown on a plan may create ambiguity about the land’s status.

What is the new process to name a carriageway easement or easement of way?

The Office of Geographic Names (OGN), led by the Registrar of Geographic Names, oversees the naming or renaming of roads, features and localities in Victoria, and maintains VICNAMES – the Register of Geographic Names.

This year Land Use Victoria aims to replace the Notification for Edit Service (NES) with a Vicmap Editing Service (VES). To name an easement the process is run through this service. If residents are unaffected then surveyors will work with the council to agree upon a name, seek council approval and then submit a NES/VES change request to have the name gazetted and registered. The name would then be captured in VICNAMES and Vicmap. If residents are directly affected, council would need to consult residents prior to approving the name.

Municipal Planning Fee Changes

The new cost of a fee unit will also lead to an increase to the statutory & non-statutory planning fees, from 1 July 2018, for all municipalities.

The most prominent fee increases affecting our clients will be:

  • Planning Permit Application Fee: $1,286.10
  • VicSmart Planning Permit Application Fee: $195.10
  • Plan of Subdivision Certification Fee: $170.50
  • Plan of Subdivision Re-certification Fee: $137.30

Application fees in accordance with the new fee structure will be required from this date to avoid delays in lodgements with municipalities. A full list of the new fee schedule can be found on the Planning Victoria website
Should you have any concerns or queries you can call our office and speak to one of our expert Licenced Surveyors in the Taylors Urban Development Survey & Subdivision Team.