Lifestyle development wins industry award

Posted on July 3rd, by Taylors in Awards, News, Planning, Survey.

Taylors are the proud Town Planning and Survey Consultants for the new Lifestyle Hastings development which was recently named the most affordable development of the year at the 2017 National UDIA Awards for Excellence.

UD Survey_Lifestyle Hastings under construction

The Lifestyle development located in Hastings on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula was awarded the UDIA’s National Affordable Development Award over six other developments from around Australia.

The development by Lifestyle Communities is a secure community aimed at over 55 year olds that has been designed and developed in a way that makes the construction costs cheaper than regular houses, without losing any of the quality and amenities. These turn-key homes are now priced at around 80 percent of the median house price in the catchment.

UD Survey_Lifestyle Hastings under construction 2

Taylors provided town planning and survey services for the 141-home development which included obtaining the project’s permits and coordinating with the builder to deliver the set out of the home sites and community facilities for our client in the most efficient way possible.

Taylors Operations Manager – Urban Development Planning and Design, Nick Hooper, said while obtaining the permit was the main challenge, Taylors also had to provide set out survey services at the same time as the construction was underway, this required responsiveness and bulletproof survey accuracy by our survey team.

“Projects of this kind can cause issues with some councils so we had to show the benefits that this development would have to the community, which there are a number of as the region has a large aging community,” Mr Hooper said.

“We were able to show the council that this type of development has been very successfully implemented elsewhere and that it would have a good outcome for Hastings.”

Lifestyle Hastings_Google image_Feb 2017

Responsiveness and accuracy is key

The Lifestyle Hastings Project was completed in several stages, with each stage having to be set out by us exactly when the builder was ready to start works. We were responsive in getting to site when called and this helped ensure everything was completed on time and on budget.

Taylors Operations Manager – Urban Development Survey, Leo Bateman, said it was Taylors’ role to make sure the project plans were uniform, from the survey plans to the civil works and home site plans. There was no room for any inaccuracies.

“We were fully accountable for the accuracy of the work so prior to construction we reviewed all the development’s engineering and architectural designs. In doing this we were able to find that these designs did not factor in the extra 0.20 metres of land to the frontage of the site, as identified in our survey,” Mr. Bateman said.

“Because we were thorough in our assessment the plans were able to be rectified to accommodate this additional 0.20 metre strip of land within the development prior to works starting. We were also able to identify a few areas as no-go zones in terms of placement of services. These were vegetation conservation zones and we clearly marked these out on site to assist the civil contractor to stay well clear of them.

UD Survey_Lifestyle Hastings

“The key thing for us was to prove and document everything. As we were a long distance from our physical office we electronically recorded the marks we placed in the field and used an innovative field-to-office transmission data system so we could connect to the office in real time for validation purposes”.

“This was necessary as the contractors were building the retaining walls at the same time as we were placing marks in the ground, so there wasn’t much time available for us to check our work any other way.”

This highlights the pragmatic approach that Taylors take on all their projects, which is a focus on finding the balance between accuracy, practicality and delivering the most commercially valuable solution for the development.

Industry recognition for affordable solutions

The Lifestyle Hastings development won the UDIA Victoria state Affordable Development Award in 2016 before going on to win the national award at the UDIA’s 2017 National Congress.

Mr. Hooper said Taylors is very proud when our clients receive this type of recognition, especially for our teams that have been a part of the process.

“It brings pride not only to our business but all the individuals who worked on the project. The Hastings development won because it was affordable for the end user, the way it was developed ensured that the aging community in the area could afford to buy these houses.

“Taylors also has a strong ongoing relationship with this client, and has worked on a similar style project in Cranbourne so it’s great to see them awarded for their hard work and unique development,” Mr. Hooper said.

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