Addressing Energy Efficiency and Smart Design in New Zealand Housing

31st July

The 2018 Exemplar Homes Tour has recently completed its run through Christchurch providing “a rare opportunity for residents to experience high-performing homes that are not normally available to view” and bringing much needed developments in energy efficiency and smart design to the forefront of public attention. Taylors New Zealand representative, Project Architect Jayant Rana, attended the forum event to learn of the latest innovations.

Bowhill Road, New Brighton. Homestar Rating of 10. Photo credit: Superhome

“The event was exploring energy efficient housing and the use of alternate construction methods.” Commented Jayant. A Business New Zealand article states that the message behind this event was to draw attention to New Zealand’s outdated building code and to change a strong mindset that energy efficiency and affordability don’t go hand in hand. “There are simple construction techniques that can be used to achieve …

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Focus On: Urban Cadastral Surveyor – International Involvement Provides Local Opportunity

Posted by Kathryn Kutchel in Melbourne, Our people, Southeast Asia, Subdivision, Survey.

24th July

Taylors involvement with international community initiatives and our partnership with the Fiji Housing Authority has provided Noa with the opportunity to gain knowledge from Victorian surveying firms and help him grow and understand another country’s techniques. Noa, originally from Fiji, is now enthusiastically completing work placement in our Melbourne office.

Noa and his teammates from the Survey and Subdivision Team

“Taylors was recommended by my superiors in Fiji who had worked with them before on a Fijian project.” Said Noa. “The recommendation came around the time when I had been researching survey firms around the Melbourne area, and I became motivated to approach the company as it suited the areas that I want to be exposed to.” As an experienced surveyor for the Fiji government, Noa has come on board with our Urban Development Survey and Subdivision team at Taylors …

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Trimble’s ‘Early Experience Program’ brings SiteVision to Taylors

Posted by Kathryn Kutchel in Civil Engineering, Melbourne, Our people, Services, Survey.

12th July

First brought to the public’s attention in early 2017, Trimble SiteVision is “a high accuracy mixed reality system” designed to interpret elaborate geospatial data into easy to understand information for clients and users in the “context of existing surroundings”. Several Taylors team members had the opportunity this week to be the first industry professionals to participate in Trimble’s Early Experience Program and see how SiteVision can revolutionise working partnerships between geospatial data managers, and engineers and planners.

Taylors experts and Trimble representatives as part of the Early Experience Program

The main intention for SiteVision is to allow for complete ease of use and client engagement through visualisation of accurate 3D models in the field. The data presented can be “reviewed from any angle or position” and allows the ‘boots on the ground’ professionals to make accurate observations regarding the impact …

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Boosting Brain Flexibility and Creativity with Todd Sampson

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27th June

Hosted by the Property Council Australia, a recent breakfast session with Todd Sampson explored the many ways one could boost brain flexibility and creativity and Taylors attendees were keen to learn the ways.

Todd Sampson addresses the audience speaking of his own challenges and the power of the brain

As members of Property Council Australia, representatives were given the opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s most influential executives, Todd Sampson. Known for being the co-creator of Earth Hour, a thrill seeker, and his appearances on the Gruen Transfer, Body Hack, and Redesign my Brain, this “inspirational and honest presentation” aimed to educate the audience by providing them with “the practical tools, strategies and techniques to improve your brain”.
“Our brains are continually adapting and growing,” said Taylors attendee, Web and Graphic Designer Luke Clow. “They only stop when we stop …

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Land Use Victoria’s New Fees & Easement Naming Requirements

Posted by Nicole Pendlebury in News, Planning, Project Management, Urban Design, Urban Development.

27th June

Land Use Victoria has announced that, from July 1, there will be changes to lodgement and search fees, as well as a new policy for the naming of carriageway easements and easements of way in plans.


Fee Structure Alterations

In accordance with the Monetary Units Act 2004 Land Use Victoria lodgement fees are expressed in number of fee units. A fee unit value is adjusted on the 1st of July each year by the Treasurer.

The current value of a fee unit for the 2017-18 financial year is: $14.22. From July 1 2018, the value of a fee unit, as announced by the Treasurer, is $14.45.

This means that from the new financial year there will be an increase in Land Use Victoria lodgement and search fees. These new charges are applied to Plans of Subdivision, transfers of land, caveats, mortgages, etc. Search fees …

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Planning for Future Melbourne Growth – East or West?

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5th June

Housing development and infrastructure construction seems to be a permanent addition to the Melbournian skyscape no matter where you look now as the opportunity to develop mounts. But an ongoing debate questions whether the North-West corridor will be the leader of the boom, or if the Eastern suburbs will move to accommodate unprecedented growth rates. The recent VPELA seminar, ‘The Future Growth of Melbourne – East or West?’ addressed the finer points of this debate and provided the town planners in attendance with key insights into current growth patterns.

The VPELA Future Growth Seminar had many town planners taking note of Melbourne’s potential development patterns.

The event discussed where the growth of Melbourne will be best placed in the future and where it has been focused in the past by using failed and successful examples from around Melbourne. “The speakers …

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Planning for Future Melbourne Growth – East or West?

Housing development and infrastructure construction seems to be a permanent addition to the Melbournian skyscape no matter where you look now as the opportunity to develop mounts. But an ongoing debate questions whether the North-West...

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Power to the people! ‘Homes for Victorians’ reforms shed light on electrical delays

With more Victorians than ever before chasing their dream of building and owning their own home in a tough housing market, delays can be a real problem and can bottleneck the...

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