Relationships first – the importance of community

Posted on April 30th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Melbourne, News, Our people, People, Culture & Brand, Sponsorships.

It’s one of Taylors three key values – relationships. Relationships with those we work with in the office each day. Relationships with clients to build a lasting union. Relationships with those that we meet to grow our networks. Our community is at the heart of who we are, and the greater community is no exception.
“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been part of Taylors culture in terms of looking for ways to give back to our industry and our broader community.” said Associate Director and General Manager of People, Culture and Brand, Andrea Crane. “It is part of our vision and values statement (“…our clients, our team and our community all benefit from this vision”).” While it is a topic that few may to consider to be above them, or to be something that they are not directly involved in, we all play our part in contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility – and sometimes it’s so rewarding you don’t even realise you’re a part of it.

Taylors team members taking responsibility and taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalk and Ride 2 Work Day

Taylors team members are always contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility, through activities like the Oxfam Trailwalk and Ride2Work Day (pictured above)

The Taylors contribution has evolved over the years to take many forms from ‘large scale pro bono / aid work in countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh and Fiji, to small scale donations to local charities.’
“We have also sought to support our community in different ways to give as much as possible for our people to be involved.”

Taylors current CSR activities are broad in range and include:
• providing professional training and advice to support surveying, planning and engineering practices in developing countries.
• Sending support teams to flood affected farmers to help mend fences.
• Making donations to multiple charities.
• Holding an annual morning tea ‘Bake Off’ with the proceeds going to the Cancer Council.
• Participating in the Red Cross ‘Red 25’ corporate blood donation program.
• Raising money though our monthly casual Fridays to support the Kmart Wishing Tree appeal.
• Sponsoring our team members and clients in their fundraising activities including marathons, bike rides, triathlons and the Oxfam 100km walk.
• Supporting the government social justice initiatives including the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign.
• Sponsoring a child from each country where we have (or have had) Taylors project activity.

Our Community Wall – a visual aide for all to see how they can get involved

Our Community Wall – a visual aide for all to see how they can get involved

Taylors currently are involved with World Vision, Living Hope International, The Smith Family, Variety, and Plan International to sponsor children in need around the world, and in countries where we have been directly involved in new development. “The ‘Sponsor a Child’ program is a special one for Taylors as it resonates with so many of our team members who have young families. It also helps us to better connect with and understand the people, environment and culture of our project locations.” Team members have been getting to know the young faces the company is sponsoring by reading about them on our Community Wall and through correspondence received from these happy little individuals. In return, letters have been sent to each child to help them learn about the company and how Taylors has assisted in their country.

“We hope to see this ‘wall of hope’ grow over time as we grow and diversify our business.”