Sounds of Silence

Posted on November 8th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, Our people.

One of Taylors registered architects, William Mahaputra, had the opportunity to attend the insightful Sounds of Silence seminar just last week. Organised by Mecca Events, the main focus of the seminar was around sound and noise, and their impact on our lives and how to manage it. It was an educational night that gave Taylors – and other attendees – the insight to consider the impact of sound as a forethought rather than an afterthought.

“Sound and acoustic management are often an afterthought when it comes to designing a public space, building or an interior space. [This seminar demonstrated] how we as urban designers, architects, landscape architects and planners, can be more aware of sound and noise and apply some noise management systems into our design and work so that it can actually increase the quality of life of the users.”

Acoustic Engineer, Nick Boulter from Arup was the main speaker for the night, delivering key talking points for attendees to think about. Some key lessons taken away from the night included:

– Learning how sound and noise affects health and wellbeing, ability to sleep, comfort, efficiency and privacy.
– Knowing what factors affect sound levels, including the distance from the source of sound, source size and directivity, source location and screening.

“There is an increasing need in noise management systems as there is an increase in high density living”. The use of sound insulation and absorption materials in public spaces, buildings and interior spaces is becoming compulsory in this shift to a different living style.

Overall the night was insightful, and further added to the sound and noise management expertise amongst the Taylors design team.