Taylors and Habitat for Humanity – An International Working Relationship

Posted on September 3rd, by Kathryn Kutchel in Indonesia, Infrastructure, Our people, Projects, Services, Southeast Asia.

Beginning as a grassroots effort in Georgia, United States in 1976, Habitat for Humanity is an international not-for-profit housing organisation who provide financial support and volunteer to support affordable housing movements around the world. Taylors are proud to be working alongside such a supportive and thoughtful movement through our Jakarta representative, Thomas Smid.

The relationship between Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and Taylors was established after having contact at a networking event with the Indonesian Australian Business Council. A follow up meeting with the non-profit organisation saw an agreement made to provide them with Taylors services as a gift in the form of the 3D Virtual Tours and models.

Urban Designer, Thomas Smid, assessingThe housing situation in the Indonesian community before demolish and rebuild by Habitat for Humanity

The housing situation in the Indonesian community before demolish and rebuild by Habitat

The job at hand entailed using matterport to create virtual tours of individual dwellings due to be upgraded by the organisation to improve the quality of life in the village. The matterport was used to initially scan the interior of the locations before creating 3d models from the data gathered to create hyper-realistic interactive experiences for the client to walk through and discuss with ease.

‘You have created products that are very meaningful for our organization’, a Habitat for Humanity representative commented. ‘The virtual reality presentation will truly help us to promote and enhance awareness of our work. We are very thankful! We are excited about the models you made, they are already 90% effective in giving the engaged experience for viewers.’

Taylors Urban Designer, Thomas Smid, came away from the experience with new friendships and an appreciation for building new connections. “We are establishing relationships with the purpose of marketing. Habitat is able to present their outcomes by using a Taylors product. They benefit from their new style of presentation, and Taylors benefits from a collaboration that is an investment in branding; of establishing Taylors as an international industry leader with this technology.”

The possibilities of indoor reality capture using matterport are boundless

The possibilities of indoor reality capture are boundless

“Taylors is building up their name in Indonesia, it is important to maintain relationships like this with Habitat and see if future projects with them are possible. It provides a possibility for the both of us to develop connections with other companies or organisations who are interested in 3D virtual reality offerings as well.”

Similar to Taylors offerings in Christchurch, the Jakarta branch of operations was created with the intent of integrating with the community and providing services where they were required most, and to demonstrate industry leading technology and practices. Our work has also provided our team members with unforgettable experiences and life lessons.

“Every scan that I perform with the Taylors equipment teaches me something new, every situation gives me a different outcome. Doing the two models for Habitat taught me a lot about camera behaviour and what I need to take into account for future projects.’

‘It also gave me a better understanding of the communities that Habitat focuses on. They aim to provide better housing for the people who are not able to establish this for themselves. It is eye opening to see how many people here in Indonesia live in ‘slum’ areas, in self-built houses, and without access to clean water. Seeing life like that really made me realize to appreciate my own situation much more.’

"Seeing people living like this really made me realize to apreciate my own situation much more."

“Seeing people living like this really made me realize to apreciate my own situation much more.”

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity’s work around the world, visit their website: https://habitat.org.au/
To learn more about how Taylors indoor reality capture (matterport) services could be of assistance to your project, visit our Services page or call (03) 9501 2800 to arrange a consultation.