Taylors kicking goals in the DCE Soccer Tournament

Posted on February 23rd, by Taylors in News, Our people.

The “Taylors Swifts” had their first match last week as part of the DCE Soccer Tournament.

A bit of a disappointment this week as we struggled to get a team together…and to get to kick off on time!

Before we kicked a ball we were already 4:0 down to the top team.

However, let’s not be disheartened by this as we managed to hold our own and defend and attack with some pride and passion, finally going down 12:2.

If it wasn’t for a useless keeper (me!) then hopefully we could have kept the score down before half time.

Moment of the match this week was Matt’s blistering run through all of the Traffix team to blast a shot in the top left corner of the net. Great work Matt!

This week’s results have been sent through and looking at the results I’m hopeful that we can get a victory (if not two) in the next two games against Coffey and Plan B United.

We are suffering from Injuries this week, as Richard seems to be out with an Ankle problem and I’m struggling with an Ankle injury also.

Stay tuned for further updates in the coming rounds.

Daniel Evans

Taylors soccer team