Taylors Swifts take on strong competition

Posted on March 18th, by Kathryn Kutchel in Events, Melbourne, Our people, People, Culture & Brand.

The DCE Soccer Tournament returned for its 11th year this February; an annual indoor soccer tournament run to support the Property Industry Foundation and made up of ten teams from metropolitan Melbourne land development consultancies. The competition was set to be fierce with strong teams from previous years returning to get active, network with others and most importantly, raise funds.

The Taylors Swifts returned with fresh new faces and a fierce new game plan, with their eyes on the prize and their hearts in the game. The 2019 squad was made up of:
– Enes Bolat
– Will Brown
– Ryland Cranwell
– Mark Grey
– Michael Korfiatis
– Matthew Law
– Raymond Li
– Leonardo Mai
– Harry Nguyen
– Alex Philalay
– Michael Ruhsam

2019 Taylors Swift squad: Top Row (L-R): Ryland, Leonardo, Matthew, Mark, Enes
Bottom Row (L-R): Harry, William, Michael, Alex
Not pictured: Michael R

The tournament took place over five weekly rounds, and the competition was strong from the beginning.

Round 1: Taylors Swifts v. Traffix United
It was a fierce first game, with everyone fresh and ready to score. Goalikeeper Mark Grey made some nail-biting saves to support the team, while clear communications kept the ball moving upfield. A push in the second half by Traffix United led to a few missed chances, and ultimately a small loss.
Final score: Traffix United: 8 – Taylors Swifts: 5

Goalkeeper Mark Grey pulled off a number of spectacular saves

Round 2: Taylors Swifts v. DPM United

It was a close game with three all in the first half and a determination to make a comeback early in the tournament. Multiple well-timed rotations kept the Swifts fresh through the game, but a strong second half by DPM bested the team this time. The Swifts moved up the ladder to take 4th place.
Final score: DPM Uinted: 9 – Taylors Swifts: 3

The team were fresh and fast on the court.

Round 3: Taylors Swifts v. Fortunato Group
The heat was on this week as the Swifts took on last year’s top of the table team. Despite countless spectacular goal saves by Mark Grey, and fancy footwork from Enes Bolat, Michael Korfiatis and Leonardo Mai, the Swifts has to admit defeat to an admittedly powerhouse team. The team’s sights were now set on Real Montdami.
Final score: Fortunato Group: 15 – Taylors Swifts: 3

Fancy footwork while facing Fortunato unfortunately not in Swifts favour.

Round 4: Taylors Swifts v. Real Montdami
With the finals closing on the teams, it was time to give the competition a real push. Unfortunately, the competition pushed back, and the Swifts came off second best. One more week of the competition remains and it’s anyone’s game from here.

Round 5: Taylors Swifts v. M.M United

The final round bought friendly competition the Swifts way as they faced off against the Millar Merrigan United team. But with friendship and fun came the final blow for the Swifts, with a small loss to M.M United.

The final blow, as Enes Bolat lines up for the shot

And so, the final siren has now sounded on the 2019 tournament and the real prize in the Swifts eyes is the friendships and personal achievements that they have achieved over the last five weeks of competition. While this year may not have been the one the Swifts wanted, it has drawn the team closer together and strengthened ties with industry fellows, and one thing is for certain, the team will return in 2020.

Team Taylors will return in 2020.