From project inception and now well into delivery, Eynesbury Township is truly a masterplanning development which Taylors are proud to be a part of. Having commenced engagement as the consultant surveyor, we extended our involvement to later include the provision of consulting town planning, urban design services and design guidelines administration.

Eynesbury is a unique New Urbanist Development which delivers on outcomes for community, environmental excellence, heritage and liveability, paying due respect to its unique location.

Taylors worked in conjunction with the developer and consultant team to plan the township development with a vision to the future, and through this collaboration process were able to bring together sustainable solutions for future generations.

The Eynesbury project will be the home for 4,500 dwellings, a town centre and community infrastructure including public and private schools, recreational facilities, lifestyle and environmental outcomes. Currently the project has approval for around 1000 lots and planning for the town centre is well underway.

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