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Taylors Survey, Building Design, Planning and Landscape Architecture team worked consultatively with the City of Whittlesea throughout the pre-application and planning assessment phases to maximize the potential of the 5-acre site located in Lalor.

The vision of the project was to allow for variety in the housing typology of the area which would in turn attract diversity and multiculturalism in the neighborhood, it would additionally join streets outside of the development to allow for better connectivity through the site. Taylors have provided complete consultancy service for the project from site survey to construction drawing to ensure the quality of the project and provide clients with the ease of having a singular service.

The main objectives of this project were to:
– Maximize capability of the 5-acre site to design 87 dwellings of various typology to allow diversity in the housing industry in the area.
– To minimize vehicular movement within the site by allowing two internal roads for a pedestrian friendly development.
– Allowing a green space and pedestrian access throughout the site to respect the neighborhood character.
– Orientating buildings to maximize natural ventilation and solar access.

The development is projected to be completed by the end of 2019 with Stage One completed and Stage Two currently under construction. Taylors have worked as a single point consultation for major services which has made the design process efficient and has ensured quality delivery of the project.

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