NBN Solution

Taylors use vehicle mounted LIDAR to capture spatial and qualitative data for the NBN project. We process, extract and package the data in our central processing centre. The survey information is used to design fibre-optic cable routes for the aerial deployment aspects of the NBN project. Our unique and innovative solution has provided a significant improvement to the spatial data traditionally received in this industry and as such it is allowing the design process to operate in a more efficient manner than before.

Taylors targeted the NBN project, conceived this solution and developed the processes and systems required in-house to deliver the solution. We believe that vehicle mounted LIDAR is the best fit for purpose solution for the surveying of overhead electrical infrastructure for the NBN project. To date Taylors have delivered spatial and qualitative data for over 14,000 poles on the NBN project.

Taylors NBN solution won the Innovation and Commercialisation category at the 2013 Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards.

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