A flagship project for Taylors, Underbank Master Plan is based on traditional neighbourhood design principles, the same principles evident in Bacchus Marsh and Australia’s most loved historic towns, villages, neighbourhoods. These are principles which support the pedestrian, public transport, increase housing choice, provide a mix of uses and respond to the natural features of a site. The fundamental difference between the neighbourhoods built prior to the Second World War and the residential estates built following it, is how the vehicle is accommodated. How the vehicle is accommodated determines most of the physical attributes of the communities we live in.

Taylors planning approach for Underbank is based upon the principles of neighbourhood design which are outlined and illustrated on the following pages. The challenge for all stakeholders is the choice to continue to grow along the suburban sprawl model, or to reintroduce the principles and techniques of traditional neighbourhood development. These key design principles have informed the process in creating a Master Plan Vision for Underbank.

Project Highlights:

  • Master planning that responds to the site opportunities and constraints
  • An urban structure based on the neighbourhood unit
  • A comprehensive thoroughfare network
  • Connect pedestrian and cycle network into wider systems
  • Encourage a viable public transport system
  • Create a diversity of open space types
  • Locate identifiable civic structures in key locations
  • Produce efficient private blocks for a diversity of building types
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