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Heralded as the “best-positioned estate west of Melbourne” and designed with space and comfort in mind, Upper Point Cook has been developed with the intention of providing housing to around 2,000 families. Construction has progressed at an unprecedented pace on this 1700+ lot master-planned residential estate which includes a mix of residential products and large active open spaces. It is in a prime location, with future connections to the Weribee East Employment Precinct as well as having easy access to the Princes Freeway via the newly constructed Sneydes Road interchange.

Taylors is providing all aspects of Survey services including sub divisional requirements, and asset-recording to this development.

Taylors have been responsible for working closely with the project consultant team to insure hassle-free registration of titles in an efficient and timely manner. Stages 1-3 were completed in late 2015 and a further 500+ lots titled in 2016/17. Over 95% of the land within this development is now sold, with only 80 lots over three stages remaining; explore the development here: https://satterley.com.au/upper-point-cook-estate

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