Victorian Desalination Pipeline

Taylors were engaged to provide a feature & level survey, survey control establishment and project coordination for the 80km pipeline route for the proposed Wonthaggi Desalination plant. The survey covered a large geographical area, which required unique survey solutions using best practice techniques and equipment. A team of 3 surveyors used GNSS Rovers and GPS Net to complete the filed survey over approximately 3 months. Logistically this was a complicated project and due to the high public profile it attracted, strict conditions were imposed on field surveyors. Properties could only be accessed according to a rigid schedule stipulated by the project  management team, boots equipment and vehicles needed to be washed when travelling from one property to another, and survey teams often needed to be mobilised with less than 24 hours notice.

Taylors was able to comply with the strict conditions and tight project schedule at all times and successfully provide all deliverables by the project deadlines.

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