Asset Recording Services

Taylors are industry leaders in the field of asset recording and we are the proven consultant of choice for a number of developers, contractors and engineers. Our specialised services extend across a variety of market sectors including water and sewer, drainage, roads and telecommunications and our clients include Water Authorities, Local Government, Utilities, Engineers and Construction Contractors. We provide:

  • Asset recording surveys for residential subdivisions in the areas of water, sewer, optical fibre (NBN), D-Spec and R-Spec
  • As-built surveys of water, recycled water and wastewater pipelines
  • Asset capture surveys of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Pipe ovality analysis
  • Drainage studies for GIS inventory or engineering design

Our services include:

  • 24 hour turnaround for field survey work where required
  • Live comparison of engineering design against construction
  • Large file transfers directly to and from the field using FTP technology
  • Geo-referenced photographs and video for asset condition assessment
  • Real time feedback provided to contractors and engineers on site at the time of survey
  • Prompt delivery of data with accompanying reports comparing design to as-constructed data
  • Clear and easy to understand sewer reports highlighting areas outside agreed tolerance
  • In-house automated programs to produce as-built data in the correct format for each authority in a timely and reliable manner
  • Robust safety processes and traffic management trained employees.

Our dedicated asset recording team offer a rapid response service to ensure the construction process is not slowed and that the delays affecting the critical path of a project are avoided. We understand the importance of the provision of as-constructed data and ongoing feedback to all parties during construction to ensure efficient delivery and completion of a project.

see also Provision of A-Spec Data

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