Construction Surveying

Our Survey team are experts in construction surveying and we offer a diverse range of survey services in this field including; control establishment, housing setout, pipeline setout, sewer setout, drainage setout, services infrastructure setout, asset recording and as-built surveys, grid setout, concrete panel setout, bolt setout, formwork setout, formwork checking, multi-level construction surveying, construction setout with both robotic instruments and GPS, volumetric surveys for earthworks calculations, GPS machine control, utility surveying and drainage investigation, underground service location and estimation calculations and plans for tendering.

We understand that housing construction is fast paced and that a timely response from our surveyors when you need them is important to maintain project momentum. To cater for this we have introduced our Taylors Metro teams, allowing us to have a surveyor and fully equipped vehicle at the ready in each of Melbourne’s growth areas.  In most cases we can have a surveyor on site within 24 hours of a request for services including housing setout, boundary setout, setout of services infrastructure, road setout, asset recording, control establishment, level datum establishment and GPS guidance control. Our experience in residential development has been gained throughout Melbourne working for major developers and builders.

We support civil engineering projects of all type and scale and can cover all surveying needs within a project lifecycle from feature survey for design, to setout for construction and asset recording, including documentation. Taylors provide a dedicated service to a range of major engineering and contractor clients spread across a number of market sectors including water, waste water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications, roads and housing.

Our team also have extensive experience on major building construction projects and we know that the challenges of unforeseen obstructions and logistical issues can modify survey schedules. We understand that flexibility and reliability from your survey partner is key to managing a successful construction project. Our services include control establishment, grid setout, setout of concrete panels, setout and checking of formwork and all other types of building construction surveying. We have strong quality and safety controls in place, and wherever possible our surveyors work from fully digital drawings on site without the need to generate separate computations and introduce the potential for error. Our clients are issued with a setout plan within 24 hours of survey to provide opportunity to identify any issues prior to construction.

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