Estate and Building Design Guidelines

Our team prepares and administers Design Guidelines for some of Australia’s biggest developers in some of their most prestigious estates. The team assesses over 3000 dwellings per year ensuring compliance at the design and delivery phase. Some of our clients include:

  • Peet:  Aston, Aspect, Livingston and Quarters (to name a few)
  • AV Jennings:  Lyndarum and Hazelcroft
  • Villaworld:  Eynesbury and Cascades on Clyde
  • Metro:  Woodlands Edge and Orchard Grove
  • Stockland:  The Address, Highlands, Eucalypt & Selandra Rise
  • Willandra Estate

We have a thorough understanding of the controls placed on estates within Victoria and all aspects of estate design guidelines inclusive of interpretation of:

  • MCP documentation,
  • Small Lot Housing Code
  • Covenants,
  • Plan of Subdivision restrictions, and
  • Building materials and envelope analysis

Our team work closely with clients, applicants, builders, designers and purchasers to achieve the desired solutions and a seamless and efficient process in the approval of dwellings.

We value the importance of open communication with our clients to ensure they are regularly informed of all works within the estate, and can provide design advice on materials and elevations as well as applicable restrictions etc.

Our team also have the added benefit of in-house collaboration with a range of Taylors professionals across Planning, Survey, Urban Design and Building Design to help inform and support our professional outcomes.

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