Existing Conditions Surveys (Feature and Level Surveys)

Taylors use the very latest technology survey equipment which allows us to survey just about anything. By using GPS and Survey reflectorless robotic total stations as well as laser scanning (either airborne or terrestrial) we provide quick, accurate and appropriate solutions.

Whether it be an existing conditions survey of land or of a building, we work closely with our customers and other key stakeholders to ensure the right information is surveyed and that its to the required accuracy. We recognise that it is critical to understand individual project needs and we are able to tailor our product to meet those needs.

We have a sizable survey team that allows us to put up to 11 field parties out on any given day working on both small and large scale projects. We provide all plans in both paper and digital format in CAD and PDF and we have the expertise to provide information in any other required format.

Our Survey team has close working relationships with Council Planners and Subdivision Officers, Referral Authority Representatives, Land Victoria and the Office of the Surveyor General. We value our client relationships, and ensure we provide regular real time project updates as well as keeping an accurate record of project communications and progress via our project management system: QBOSS. This enables us to quickly provide a Project Status Update at any time interval required and suggest the next step to keep projects on track.

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