Feasibility & Acquisition

Our team at Taylors provides development advice to a wide range of clients, where we assist our clients to make informed decisions in regard to their potential or existing investments. With strong connections with both local and state governments as well as a range of other stakeholders our team provides certainty to our clients by presenting them with a greater understanding of the risks exposure for each project/development.

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in undertaking project evaluations, due diligence and feasibility studies. By combining our in-house services with expertise sourced from our extensive network of professionals and sub-consultants, Taylors are able to quickly bring together multi-disciplinary teams who can provide independent and expert advice on almost any project under consideration.



Our services generally include:

  • Initial site appraisal/Investigation
  • Risk Assessment / Risk Advise
  • Comprehensive Due Diligence
  • Yield Assessment and Development Feasibility
  • Project Strategy


  • Research
  • Market Intelligence
  • Funding advise and strategy
  • International Investment
  • IP and Data Mapping

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