Government and Authority Panels

Through our many government relationships, Taylors Infrastructure are helping to build the Victoria of tomorrow. Over the past few years, Taylors have worked on a variety of major infrastructure projects that we believe are of great significance to Victoria, including;

  • Regional Rail Link
  • Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel
  • Level Crossing Removal Projects
  • Mernda Rail Extension
  • East West Link
  • Palais Theatre Redevelopment
  • Harcourt Rural Reconfiguration Project
  • Werribee Irrigation District Renewal

Taylors are proud of our involvement with Government and excited to be helping to build a better Victoria. Our enthusiasm to use the latest surveying technology, together with our drive to perform our work to the highest standards, has led to Taylors being appointed to multiple Government and Authority panels, including;

  • Gippsland Water (Panel of Technical Consulting Service Providers, 2017 – 2020)
  • Melbourne Water (Provision of Technical Services – Surveying, 2015 – 2020)
  • City West Water (Provision of Survey Services Panel, 2013 -2018)
  • Coliban Water (Multiple major projects completed)
  • Southern Rural Water (Multiple major projects completed)
  • South Gippsland Water (Multiple major projects completed)
  • VicRoads (Panel of Suppliers for Pre-Construction & Construction Works, 2014 – 2017)
  • V/line (Professional & Technical Consultancy Panel, 2016 – 2018)
  • AusNet Services (Land Survey Services Master Panel Agreement, 2017 – 2022)
  • City of Melbourne (Engineering and Parks Consultancy Services Panel, 2016 – 2019)
  • City of Kingston (Engineering Survey Services Consultancy Panel, 2014 – 2019)
  • Cardinia Shire Council (Engineering Technical Services Panel, 2016 – 2019)
  • Frankston City Council (Trades and Specialist Services Panel, 2016 – 2017)
  • Ararat Rural City Council (Provision of Remote Piloted Aircraft Services, 2017 – 2019)
  • Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) (Planning and Building Design Services On-going)
  • Defence Housing Australia (Planning, Design, and Building Design Services 2016-On-going)
  • Land Use Victoria’s Register of Contract Survey Firms (Crown Surveys)

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