Indoor Reality Capture

Indoor Reality Capture is a new innovation in Taylors’ suite of visualisation technologies. Pairing the latest technological advancements with our multidisciplinary experience, Taylors has developed a new high-resolution walkthrough and modelling service, Indoor Reality Capture.

This technology offers significant value to projects by providing our clients with a 3D, 360° panoramic record of indoor spaces. Indoor Reality Capture can be applied to a wide variety of projects from asset management, condition inspections, and insurance assessments.

Indoor Reality Capture uses a high resolution 360° camera to create a digital, cloud based, 3D model and walkthrough tour of an indoor area. Indoor Reality Capture allows the user to experience a realistic impression of the existing building, while the interactive walkthrough provides the ability to move throughout the space with high resolution views.

Outcomes of Indoor Reality Capture include:

  • Virtual Walkthrough with 360° High Resolution Imagery
  • Drawings and plans including Floor Plans, Internal Elevations, and Section Plans
  • Ability to implement labels into the model such as product and object information, web linking or dimensional information and measurements.
  • 3D Model or Point Cloud suitable for import into CAD software

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