Land Subdivision Surveys

With a team of 10 licensed surveyors and vast experience across all types of Land Subdivision, Taylors can successfully deliver any subdivision from 2 lot dual occupancy through to complex multistage residential estates with 1,000’s of lots. We have expertise in industrial and commercial including business parks, office complexes and industrial estates, as well as townhouses and unit developments.

In addition we specialise in subdivision for authorities including councils and government, and service authorities such as VicRoads as well as water corporations such as Melbourne Water. Being part of the wider Urban Development team, our surveyors have the ability to workshop projects inhouse with our specialist Town Planners and Urban Designers, as well as being able to deliver any Asset Recording or Setout Survey that may be require throughout the life of the project.

Our Survey team has close working relationships with Council Planners and Subdivision Officers, Referral Authority Representatives, Land Victoria and the Office of the Surveyor General. We value our client relationships, and ensure we provide regular real time project updates as well as keeping an accurate record of project communications and progress via our project management system: QBOSS. This enables us to quickly provide a Project Status Update at any time interval required and suggest the next step to keep projects on track.

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